Magic Kingdom Trash Cans Are So Clean A Couple Signed Their Marriage License On One

Disney's Fairytale Weddings trailer highlights Main Street U.S.A.
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When I think of theme park cleanliness, Walt Disney World sets a pretty high standard, which is how so many people likely end up with such picturesque Disney photos on their social media feeds. However, one couple took the idea that every single inch of the parks is clean a little bit further than most of us probably have,  signing their marriage license on none other than a Magic Kingdom trash can. Obviously, this is the type of moment that can go viral online, and in this case, did. 

Walt Disney World is a place where marriage proposals and even weddings happen on the regular. Some of these Disneyfied moments are romantic while others are fun (and occasionally a Disney proposal may even not go as planned). This time around, shortly after TikTok user @DisneywithHalee was married, she and her new husband headed into the parks. They’d forgotten one important detail, however: signing their actual marriage license. So, they had an impromptu signing on a Magic Kingdom trash can and shared it online afterward. Take a look. 


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Signing on a trash can may seem like a weird move; granted, if you are someone who is already familiar with Main Street U.S.A., there aren’t exactly conveniently located tables in which to write on or, in this case, sign a very important document on. There are some steps and ledges in varying locations as you are walking into the Magic Kingdom and some establishments in that area have seating, but in terms of handiness and proximity, that brown metal trash can was probably the closest – and cleanest– thing around to sign the paperwork on.  

Previously, Halee Kusner had shared a more sentimental video of the first look that happened before her actual nuptials (and with her family!) on her TikTok account as well. She set the video to some cheery music from Up (one of the best Pixar scores, imo), keeping her account on-theme, per usual.


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Disney Parks are known for cleanliness because cleanliness was important to Walt Disney. Those working in a guest services role bring the magic not just by making sure garbage bins aren’t overly full (that myth the trash cans clean themselves is just a myth), but also by doing all kinds of magical things for parkgoers. This ranges from employees who make water art on the pavement featuring popular Disney characters to other employees who are simply there to make sure people have a magical Disney World experience even if they accidentally get vomited on.

In this case, thankfully this custodial story does not end in vomit, but rather nuptials being confirmed. Shoutout to the happy couple, and here’s hoping they were able to enjoy the rest of their time in the parks after all those pesky details got settled. Now, somebody get this couple some Happily Ever After ears….

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