Halsey Went To Disney World, Shared A Sweet Moment With A Cast Member And Later Brought Him Onstage At Her Show

Halsey in I am not a woman, I'm a god music video
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Walt Disney World is a place where dreams come true. For most of us that’s going on a bunch of fun rides or giving a hug to Mickey Mouse or just spending quality vacation time with family. Normally, it’s thanks to the wonderful Cast Members who work at Disney World that we all get to have our dreams come true, but singer Halsey made a Cast Member’s dream come true, and this story is incredible. 

Haley posted to Instagram that she recently took a break from rehearsing in Florida to take her son Ender to Disney World. There are some great pics of her and partner Alev Aydin on the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror here, and Halsey admits that getting a chance to ride Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind was a big part of the reason she made the trip. The brand new Marvel roller coaster is in previews and will be opening at Epcot this coming weekend

But the real magical memory was made at dinner at Epcot (the best place to eat at Disney World) where Halsey was waited on by a Cast Member named Freddy, who it turned out was a massive fan to the point of having a pair of tattoos in her honor. Halsey was so thrilled by this that when the show in Tampa happened, Freddy ended up on stage. Check out the full story and the pictures below.

Halsey says she will never forget the experience (even if she says the best experience of her life was watching her partner freak out on the Tower of Terror), but it’s safe to say that Freddy won’t either. A pair of tattoos dedicated to Halsey shows just how big a fan he was. Simply getting a chance to meet her while she ate at Epcot was probably a big deal on its own that he would never forget. Getting to then be on stage at her request simply takes things to another level. 

Celebrities certainly visit Disney Parks with the same frequency as the rest of us. That doesn’t mean that everybody has quite the same chance to interact with them as Freddy and Halsey. Celebrities are often given the VIP treatment, kept separate from the other guests, as was the case with the Kardashians recently at Disneyland. It’s not that surprising, famous people would likely get mobbed if they were standing in line like everybody else. 

You don’t need to be a big Halsey fan to love seeing this play out. Somebody who was a huge fan got to do something that to them was surely incredible. It’s not unlike the experience you can have inside Walt Disney World or Disneyland Resort, watching somebody else do something else that means the world to them. For many, just being there is enough. 

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