Check Out Elizabeth Berkley's Awesome Showgirls Callbacks In Saved By The Bell's Season 2 Trailer

After an extended metaphorical summer vacation following the reimagined Saved by the Bell’s first callback-heavy season on Peacock, it’s almost time to return to Bayside’s halls for more hilarious and sometimes subversive comedy. Don’t worry about going into the season blind, though, as the streaming service has unveiled the first full-length Season 2 trailer. Not only does it feature an A+ flashback with the O.G. stars rocking their familiar ‘90s attire, among other excellent moments, but the trailer even delivers some totally unexpected references to Saved by the Bell star Elizabeth Berkley’s infamous NC-17 film Showgirls

One of the Season 2 trailer’s focal points is Jessie Spano’s divorce situation, with her newly rediscovered single-dom giving her ample opportunities to reconnect with her former love, A.C. Slater (as played by the always delightful Mario Lopez). But it’s not like Slater is the only eligible bachelor that could catch Jessie’s eyes, or even something else, if that Showgirls-y moment at the 1:12 mark leads to clothes flying off, strip club-style. 

Jessie dancing against firepole in Saved by the Bell

(Image credit: Peacock)

It was a blink-and-miss moment for sure, considering how much Saved by the Bell wonderment is packed into the trailer, but definitely a reference worth keeping one’s eyes open for, even if it means not blinking for minutes at a time. Sure, it dries the ol’ peepers out, but what good are wet eyeballs if it means possibly missing Elizabeth Berkley self-awarely poking fun at one of the ‘90s most glorious releases.
And there was definitely another visual callback to note at the 1:37 mark, when Jessie is showing her school spirit while wearing a cowboy hat, with a tiger-print shirt covering a more low-cut top. Which is a pretty steamy and direct callback to Nomi’s wardrobe at one point in Showgirls

showgirls reference with jessie in cowboy hat and tiger-print top in saved by the bell

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It would have been funny to see Mark-Paul Gosselaar or Lark Voorhies do something similar, no doubt, but to have Berkley herself handle it is chef’s-kiss fantastic. Fans of the flop-turned-cult drama should be thrilled. (Incidentally, how wild would it be to have Showgirls director Paul Verhoeven helm a Saved by the Bell episode?) 

Similar to how old-school Saved by the Bell fans have been able to reflect on the passage of time between the original series and the streaming continuation — with Mario Lopez’s eternal youth not reflecting that span at all — this Showgirls moment brings to mind that it has somehow been 26 years since that movie came out in (some) theaters. The 2020 documentary celebrating the film’s 25th anniversary was probably a more direct reminder. 

I cannot wait to see if there are more of these when the actual season comes out, though we can probably rule out anything involving Jessie licking a pole. Figuratively or literally.

Nomi licking stripper pole in showgirls

(Image credit: Umbrella Entertainment)

Just as celebratory as the Showgirls fun is the return of the aforementioned Lark Voorhies, whose character Lisa only appeared in Season 1 via remote video call with the other characters, but is seen mixing it up with Kelly and others in the trailer. She’ll be part of the on-screen tribute to Screech, which will double as a tribute to former co-star Dustin Diamond, who passed away earlier in 2021

Thankfully, fans don't have to wait much longer to return to Bayside, as Saved by the Bell Season 2 will make its debut on Peacock on Wednesday, November 24. 

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