I Can’t Get Enough Of Henry Cavill’s Face As Millie Bobby Brown Falls Out Of A Secret Hiding Place In New Enola Holmes 2 Trailer

When Netflix debuted Enola Holmes, the Millie Bobby Brown-starring adventure became a smash hit for the streamer. Sequel talks are easy to come by when you strike it big in that particular landscape, which meant that the new movie release Enola Holmes 2 already had its work cut out in hopes of outdoing. That sort of occasion calls for more action, and in the case of Henry Cavill’s Sherlock, one particular facial expression I can’t get enough of. 

Promising to “go big, go Holmes,” the second trailer to this Netflix follow-up shows more of the plot teased in Enola Holmes 2’s first trailer. In between Enola showing off her powers of deduction and close quarters combat, we also see a face that only an exasperated older brother could make. 

This look is especially effective, as it’s not the first time he’s found his enterprising young sister snooping around. So having a sequel pull some more tricks out of the mystery solving/family drama bag is a big ask. Needless to say, Henry Cavill and Millie Bobby Brown execute their respective abilities like a charm. In fact, it's nice to see that the sequel new movie has that key ingredient going for it, no matter which trailer you watch.

In terms of what’s this trailer adds to what we know about Enola Holmes 2, the case is the thing! As it turns out, the mystery of a vanished girl ties both our titular detective and her popular brother together in their professional lives. One can see why this re-teaming of Sherlock Holmes and his younger sister’s dealings have him in such a mood, as Millie Bobby Brown’’s character is back to her chaotic, pot-stirring ways.

As Sherlock blames that pattern on their mother Eudoria, (Helena Bonham Carter), it’s only fair that she show up again as well to keep things spirited. Though she reappeared and disappeared yet again in Enola Holmes’ ending, Carter’s influential figure is back yet again for the sequel. From the looks of things, she might even be around for longer than her previous visit; which only stokes hopes that we’ll get to see her square off with her famed detective son this time.

While its predecessor made its claim to fame on Henry Cavill’s gorgeous curls, it looks like Enola Holmes 2 is going to double down on the sibling chemistry between him and Millie Bobby Brown. It’s a wise move, as mystery sequels thrive on cunning plots and fresh characterizations to keep their franchises going. Between this and the announcement of the third Hercule Poirot movie, it’s a good time to be a fan of detective adventures. Even if part of the fun is watching someone's very resolve tested at all turns by their brilliant younger sister. 

Enola Holmes 2 puts together a new round of clues, and scenes of Henry Cavill's increasingly handsome impatience, starting November 4, so be sure to grab a a Netflix subscription. That’s the same exact venue where you can enjoy Enola’s first adventure as a consulting detective, so you’ve got time to enjoy those previous exploits. 

Mike Reyes
Senior Movies Contributor

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