All The Signs WWE's 'White Rabbit' Is Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt in the WWE
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The identity of the “White Rabbit” is the next big WWE mystery everyone is dying to be solved. Fans are extra excited about the person behind this whole thing, and that’s thanks in large part to speculation that it could be Bray Wyatt. Wyatt was one of the WWE’s top stars when the company let him go almost two years ago, and there hasn’t been a month that’s gone by since that fans haven’t wondered if he’ll return. 

For that reason, there’s definitely some skepticism amongst wrestling fans if this is really the time that Bray Wyatt will return to the WWE. After all, we’ve heard rumors that Wyatt is asking for too much money, or that the WWE didn’t like his criticism of the creative product. With that said, I’ve compiled all the evidence thus far that the White Rabbit is indeed Wyatt, and feel that the following clues make it clear he’ll soon be back in the company. 

Bray Wyatt attacking Finn Balor

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The Eerieness Of The White Rabbit Song

This whole White Rabbit business began with the WWE randomly cutting the lights and playing Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit” for viewers in the arena. The song, which appears to just be the isolated audio of the track, has a real haunting presence when played in an arena and sounds a little creepy. The song itself has an eerie vibe, which is part of the reason why some immediately equated it to Bray Wyatt. 

Of course, Bray Wyatt’s more commonly associated with his song “Live In Fear,” but playing something like that for audiences would almost immediately give away who the White Rabbit is. Granted, the WWE’s pulled the wool over the eyes of fans in the past, and it wasn’t that long ago people mistook a promo package for Edge as proof that Wyatt was coming back. Luckily, there’s more evidence to look at, which makes the argument a bit more convincing. 

Bray Wyatt in the WWE

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The QR Code On Raw

The WWE has been working on telling stories in the background of its show as it airs, and the latest tease on Monday Night Raw might’ve been one of the greatest yet. Viewers noticed a QR code behind Austin Theory during his segment and decided to follow the link with their smartphones to see what was going on. It turned out to be a video of someone playing hangman, with a grim question posed to the viewer. 

The game asked, “Who killed the world?” and the answer ended up being, “You did.” What’s even weirder is that the first letters guessed in the video spelled “demon,” and while that’s more commonly associated with Finn Balor, Wyatt certainly taps into demonic imagery for his characters as well. I’d also like to point out that Bray Wyatt is never straightforward with his messaging and loves to speak broadly and cryptically. This puzzle feels like it’s something well within the Bray Wyatt wheelhouse, so it’s not a hard sell to think it’s associated with him.

Bray Wyatt in the WWE

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The Extreme Rules Poster

The official posters for the upcoming WWE event Extreme Rules are out, and fans have already noticed what could be a very obvious sign that Bray Wyatt’s return is right around the corner. On one poster, just to the left of Matt Riddle’s head, there’s a picture of a lantern in the background. Take a look at the piece in question thanks to Pro Wrestling Center

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Now, an ominous-looking lantern isn’t exactly a tell-tale sign of Bray Wyatt’s return in the WWE. With that said, if you were to use a lantern as a symbol for any wrestler in the past decade, I’m not sure there’d be a better fit than Bray Wyatt. It’s not the strongest evidence that he’s the White Rabbit or returning to the WWE, but it's certainly great supplemental evidence in light of everything else on here. 

Alexa Bliss looking sad

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Strange Events Occurring During Alexa Bliss’ Latest Match

Bray Wyatt’s final match before his release in the WWE was a WrestleMania showdown with Randy Orton, which he lost due to interference with Alexa Bliss (check it out now with a Peacock premium subscription). Wyatt originally teased vengeance against his former ally for what happened, but when he never returned to television, the whole thing kind of died. Alexa slowly rehabilitated (with the help of therapy) her supernatural side, but hasn’t really reclaimed her former greatness in the WWE sense. 

So then what are the odds that during Alexa’s latest match on Monday Night Raw, as the commentary team is lamenting her fall from grace, the lights fade in and out? Bray Wyatt’s past gimmicks also featured manipulation of lights and other effects in the arena, and the fact it happened during an Alexa Bliss match just made it feel all too obvious that he’s looking to help Alexa find her way again. For Alexa’s sake at least, we hope so. 

Bray Wyatt making a crazy face

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Bray Wyatt’s Tweet Months Ago About Devil’s Hole In Arkansas

Perhaps the most damning and wild piece of evidence to present is the fact that Bray Wyatt tweeted a question about Devil’s Hole in Self, Arkansas, back in July, which didn’t seem too suspicious back then. Those who remembered it, however, went to find out some information about this location, only to find a forum about creepy goings-on at the location. What’s more interesting is that the moderator of the forum goes by the name of “White Rabbit.”

If this is an indeed a reference to his upcoming return, Bray Wyatt must’ve had this persona in the works for months. That’s very exciting if so, because it shows that he might have a lot of things cooked up for this latest run in the WWE. It could also mean he turned his online screen name into a gimmick, which is slightly less exciting, but I appreciate this easter egg that might’ve tipped the wrestling world off to the gimmick all the same. 

The White Rabbit is coming, though we don’t know for sure when they’ll actually appear. Tune into Monday Night Raw and SmackDown for more reveals, and hopefully the eventual reveal of this mysterious figure's identity. 

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