WWE Just Hired A Marvel Writer, And It Looks Like It May Be Related To A Huge Return

White Rabbit in the WWE
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The WWE has made a ton of changes as of late with how its handled its reveals and surprises, and fans have largely been on board with the tweaks. In fact, the ongoing mystery surrounding the White Rabbit has captivated the pro wrestling world at large, and it turns out some Marvel Comics talent may be behind it. Horror scribe and superhero storyteller Rob Fee recently worked with the WWE in part before joining the staff for a full-time position starting in October, which will not only make for spookier wrestling programming for the foreseeable future, but also could be tied to a huge superstar return. 

Horror writer and Marvel contributor Rob Fee is currently listed on the WWE staff as the “Director of Longterm Creative.” Fee is known as a horror writer and has worked on titles for Marvel focused on beloved characters like Spider-Man, Daredevil, and The Avengers. And for those wondering if we've seen his work yet or not, the report from Fightful Select also credits him as the director and producer of all things White Rabbit, including the creepy imagery, videos, and that haunting acapella version of Jefferson Airplane’s psychedelic hit of the same name.  

The report goes on to note that Fee initially pitched a movie based on Bray Wyatt’s “Fiend” persona some time ago, and that the idea was generally well-received within the company despite not coming to fruition. Unfortunately, Wyatt was released not long after that pitch, so it's unclear how far into the process things got. It feels obvious at this point who the White Rabbit is, though if we need any more evidence that this is indeed Wyatt, the fact Fee is behind the videos and tried to make a Wyatt-related project in the past can only help bolster such speculation.

Robert Fee’s being hired as a “longterm creative,” combined with his special interest in horror narratives certainly makes the prospect of Bray Wyatt’s potential return even more exciting. It’s no secret that while Wyatt remained one of the WWE’s most popular superstars during his runs, he was often forced to rebrand and reinvent himself due to fans frustrations with poor booking. Wyatt rarely came out of his feuds as the victor when it mattered, which often hurt the illusion that he was indeed a mystical and unstoppable force of nature. 

It seemed like some of those issues might have been related to Bray Wyatt’s reported relationship with retired CEO Vince McMahon, as reports claimed tension grew between them ahead of his departure. Now, with Triple H in as the new Head of Creative, and Rob Fee presumably working towards building Wyatt’s big push, it’s possible the WWE is putting itself in the best position to give the wrestler the run fans wanted for years. 

As for what the ceiling is for that run, we can only speculate. As mentioned, Bray Wyatt was consistently one of the top talents during his tenure in WWE, even when it seemed his persona was being mishandled. If handled appropriately and with care, it almost feels as though this could be a “Hulkamania” like sensation when he does return to the brand. Granted, Hogan's vitamin-chomping gimmick was a little more mainstream than some of the darker themes Wyatt digs into, so maybe it’s more fitting to liken this to something new entirely. Whatever happens, I’m certainly excited to see if he shows up at Extreme Rules or any other upcoming WWE events

The WWE’s Extreme Rules pay-per-view streams for anyone with a Peacock premium subscription on Saturday, October 8th. Tune in to see a bunch of big matches, and of course, a potential reveal of the White Rabbit. 

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