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Anne Hathaway And Rebel Wilson Are Remaking A Classic Steve Martin Comedy
Over the last few years, Anne Hathaway has been on a mission to alter her cinematic personality. The trailer for Colossal, which was released earlier this week, proved just that.
Why We Might Actually Feel Sympathy For Nebula In Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2
We're going to learn a lot more about Nebula's daddy and sister issues in _Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2. _
White Men Can’t Jump Being Remade By A Top Sitcom Creator
A White Men Can't Jump remake is in the works. Disappointingly, there's no news on whether Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes will return, though.
See Margot Robbie Looking Transformed As Tonya Harding In New Photos
Margot Robbie as Tonya Harding for the movie I, Tonya is almost offensively 90s in new photos posted online.
Who Jason Momoa’s Favorite Justice League Co-Star Is
Jason Momoa clearly isn't too concerned about upsetting the other members of the Justice League, as he's revealed who his favorite superhero from the posse is.
The Major Sacrifices Martin Scorsese Had To Make To Complete Silence
Even the living legend that is Martin Scorsese isn't beyond taking a pay cut for a passion project, which is exactly what he did for _Silence. _
Donald Glover Is On A Star Wars Diet, Even Though He’s Already In Way Better Shape Than Most Of Us
Donald Glover isn't allowed to eat anything nice ever again because of his role as Lando Calrissian.
Why Moonlight Scored The Most Important Victory At The Golden Globes
La La Land might have stolen the headlines at the 2017 Golden Globes, but here's why Moonlight's victory was so important.
Wait, Meryl Streep Is In Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver?!
While most people were glued to their screens watching Meryl Streep accept the gong, Edgar Wright decided to take this opportunity to surprisingly reveal that the 19-time Oscar nominee was in his upcoming film Baby Driver. At least, that's what we THINK he was saying.
See Denzel Washington Look Like He’s Going To Fall Asleep At The Golden Globes
The Star Wars Character Carrie Fisher Originally Wanted To Play The Most
When Carrie Fisher read the script for A New Hope, she originally wanted to portray a completely different character to Princess Leia.
Vin Diesel Does Skiing The Wrong Way In Crazy New xXx 3 Scene
Turns out that Vin Diesel is the world's greatest downhill skier, and you get to see him do just that in this clip from xXx: Return Of Xander Cage.
The Rings Trailer Is Creepy, Disgusting And Cool, Watch It Now
The latest Rings trailer has been released, and it's as creepy and disturbing as you'd hope.
See The Upgrades Tony Stark Put In Spider-Man’s Suit
Tony Stark's upgrades to Spider-Man's outfit have been revealed, and they're pretty damn impressive. Check them out now.
Denzel Washington stuns, Viola Davis proves she's one of the greatest of her generation, while Fences is such a captivating and bruising cinematic gut-punch that it will make you a glutton for punishment.
Why Hugh Jackman Is Hesitating On A Deadpool And Wolverine Movie
Hugh Jackman isn't quite as eager for the Deadpool and Wolverine crossover as Ryan Reynolds.
Was Andrew Garfield Really Fired From Amazing Spider-Man? Here’s What He Says
Andrew Garfield insists that he wasn't fired from The Amazing Spider-Man franchise, but it sounds like it was a pretty messy split.
Predicting The 10 Highest Grossing Movies Of 2017
Expect sequels, spin-offs, reboots, and superheroes. So many superheroes. Here are our predictions for the highest-grossing 2017 movies.
The Movie Studio Responsible For More Than Half Of 2016’s Profits
Disney have well and truly trounced their Hollywood rivals at the box office over the last 12 months. Get the details ahead!
The Reason Matthew McConaughey Picked The Dark Tower Instead Of Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2
Matthew McConaughey wasn't alright, alright, alright with just being another big name that joined a successful superhero franchise.
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