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The Rock Just Got Us Really Pumped For A Fast And Furious Spinoff With Jason Statham

If you weren't already pumped about seeing The Rock going up against Jason Statham in a Fast And Furious spin-off, then Dwayne Johnson's latest social media post will immediately do the trick.

Watch John Boyega Reunite With BB-8

This video of John Boyega reuniting with BB-8 is simply glorious for any Star Wars fans, but especially if you love Finn or that adorable hunk of metal.

Did Playing The Joker Have A Role In Heath Ledger’s Death? Here’s What The Actor’s Sister Says

Kate Ledger has opened up about Heath Ledger's mind set after working on The Dark Knight, and has even discussed whether or not his role as The Joker ultimately contributed to his tragic death.

Chris Pratt Shuts Down A Major Jurassic World Theory And We’re Bummed

Chris Pratt has just dismissed a huge Jurassic World fan theory, and now I hate him just a little bit.

The Funny Way Zach Galifianakis Was Pitched To Play The Joker In The Lego Batman Movie

Zach Galifianakis has recalled originally being offered the role of The Joker in The Lego Batman Movie, and it's hilarious.

Free Fire Review

Loud, brash, and rollicking, Free Fire has enough gun blasts and violence to entertain, but ultimately lacks the requisite surprises or savvy to be anything more than frivolous.

Another Writers' Strike? Here’s What’s Going On In Hollywood

The Writers Guild Of America is on the cusp of striking. Many of you will remember that happening a decade ago, but here's the reason it's happening now.

10 Tribeca Film Festival Movies Everyone Will Be Talking About

The Tribeca Film Festival is set to kick off in New York City this week, but which films should you look out for? We have singled out 10 intriguing prospects.

How Chris Pratt Feels About The Bad Passengers Reviews

Passengers earned a lot of negative reception upon its release last December. Here's what Chris Pratt thinks of the poor reviews.

The Quick Kingsman 2 Supercut Features Robotic Dogs, Man With Bionic Arm

This excellent, brand new supercut gives us lots of very quick looks at Kingsman: The Golden Circle.

The Lost City Of Z Review

Refreshingly ambitious, sumptuously shot, and boasting a beguiling premise, Lost City Of Z has all the hallmarks of a cult classic, and it will undoubtedly grow to be more and more appreciated over time, it's just too disjointed and frustrating to fully savor in the moment.

Watch Out Morgan Freeman, Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Getting Into Narration

Arnold Schwarzenegger has just finished work narrating a new film, and Morgan Freeman should be petrified.

How Fantastic Beasts Is Responsible For Katherine Waterston’s Wild Alien: Covenant Haircut

Katherine Waterston opens up about the inspiration behind her Alien Covenant haircut, namely how Fantastic Beasts factored into the style.

How Rey Views Luke Skywalker, According To Daisy Ridley

Daisy Ridley was out and about during Star Wars celebration, and she revealed some information about Rey and Luke's relationship.

Why A Foreign Press Member Just Got Banned From The Golden Globes

A Foreign Press Member was been banned from the Golden Globes for licking all of the awards before they were handed out. I'm lying. Or am I?

Ridley Scott Isn’t Against De-Aging Sigourney Weaver For An Alien Prequel

De-aging effects ares becoming more common in Hollywood, and Ridley Scott wouldn't mind if such techniques were used for Sigourney Weaver in future Alien movies. Read his full thoughts ahead.

People Pepper Sprayed During Brawl At Fate Of The Furious Screening

A fight broke out in a Fate Of The Furious screening and wacky stuff ensued.

Russia Denies Building A Terminator, Says Its Gun-Shooting Robot Is Different

Someone needs to tell John Connor that Russia have basically just invented the Terminator. Here's what's going on.

Win It All Review

Win It All is another reminder that Jake Johnson and Joe Swanberg are a potent and dynamic filmmaking team that are willing to explore seldom seen complex characters in a refreshingly honest fashion.

The Fastest And The Furiousest Moment From Every Fast & Furious Movie

Fast And The Furious films are obviously both both fast and furious, but which are the fastest and furiouest moments from each of them? Read on to get our take.

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