Uncharted 3 Gets Final Massive Patch, New Map, Free Content

By Ryan Winslett 1 year ago discussion comments
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With the sun setting on the PlayStation 3, now might be a good time to go back and enjoy one of the consoleís most groundbreaking offerings, Uncharted 3. And what luck! To celebrate the gameís second birthday, the team at Naughty Dog are offering up a new multiplayer map, as well as other free content.

Itís hard to believe, but Uncharted 3 is officially turning two this month. It feels like just yesterday we were running, jumping and clinging to the side of all manner of structures as Nathan Drake. To series faithfuls, maybe that was just yesterday. But for some of us, itís been a while since weíve hung out with the wise-cracking, sharp-shooting soldier of fortune. Thankfully, Naughty Dog is offering up exactly the sort of thing that would pull me back into the game, namely a brand new map and some other free goodies.

First up is a new patch, one that offers quite a bit of new tweaks for a game thatís already two years old. Iím guessing this is a sort of farewell patch, one that addresses as many balance/bug issues as humanly possible before the team shifts fully over to its next project. A full list of the tweaks can be found here, with alterations including gameplay adjustments, tweaks for Kickbacks and boosers, some new Buddy Boosters added into the mix, weapon adjustments that affect everything from hip-firing accuracy to recoil, a couple of map adjustments to rebalance Plunder chests and block off a nasty dead end and more.

The Old Quarter map has also now been added to the Co-op arena mode, and all other DLC maps are now available free of charge. Let me say that again: All DLC maps are yours for exactly zero dollars. Just head into the in-game store and get to downloading anything you may have missed in the past.

Finally, and equal parts awesome and unexpected, is the introduction of a brand new (and also free) multiplayer map. Itís called Dry Docks, itís rather large, and thanks to the wind and crashing waves, it doesnít exactly live up to its name. Still, itís a brand new setting for Unchartedís unique brand of high-flying competitive shenanigans, which is pretty awesome in my book.

And just in case youíre dying to throw Naughty Dog a little cash after receiving all of that free content, this weekís PlayStation Network update is full of discounts on just about every cosmetic good the game has to offer.

ďWeíre also offering up some super deep discounts on select Uncharted 3 multiplayer items,Ē said Naughty Dog Community Strategist, Eric Monacelli. ďCheck the in-game store and the PlayStation Store to see whatís on sale in your region. These deals are incredibly sweet, so donít miss out as theyíll end November 4th.Ē
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