Can OWN Make Lindsay Lohan A Movie Star Again?

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Lindsay Lohan is not a movie star anymore. Can we just admit that? The twenty-seven-year-old might still be talked about almost incessantly by the media, but no studio has shown even the slightest interest in hiring her for a long time. Liz & Dick was a critical disaster. Sheís currently in court-imposed lockdown rehab, and itís a legitimate wonder whether sheíll ever headline another film thatís not an overly sexed indie.

Enter OWN. Oprahís favorite network just negotiated a deal with the starlet to air an extended interview with the former talk show queen and to air an eight part docu-series about the starletís attempts to get back into the acting game. Thatís right. Lindsay is apparently ready to admit her career needs a serious overhaul and is willing to let the world watch her try and put the pieces back together.

For all of Lohanís problems over the years, no one has ever accused her of being a poor actress. In fact, thereís something about her on the screen thatís riveting and utterly fascinating. Sheís a home run in The Parent Trap, Mean Girls and a half a dozen other projects, and God only knows how many great movies she could have already made if she didnít derail her career with substance abuse and various shenanigans.

In theory, people will want to give Lohan a chance. In theory, they will want to extend a helping hand to her because she proved she can make money once before. Hollywood types love those who have been there done that, and theyíre willing to work with damn near anyone if they can potentially rake in some money from it. A very high percentage of the studios have and will continue to work with people who have committed far worse crimes and spent far more times in jail.

Unfortunately, the realities are a little more complicated. Itís been quite awhile since Lohan has had a successful project. Sheís not exactly a guarantee at this point in her career, and while studios will work with those who have shady backgrounds, Lindsay is in rehab as we speak. Itís not as if she got sober for a few years and is suddenly making a triumphant comeback. She might reassure everyone sheís on the straight and narrow, but showing up to work on time will always be a worry until she continually proves she can do it. Plus, OWN isnít exactly HBO. Can it launch stars? Iím not sure anyone knows the answer to that question.

What do you think? Can OWN make Lindsay a star again? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll belowÖ

Can OWN Make Lindsay A Star Again?


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