High profile kidnapping victim and child advocate Elizabeth Smart has announced she’s getting married. The beautiful twenty-four year old will reportedly wed her fiancé sometime this summer, but some of the most basic details beyond that are a bit of a mystery. Her future husband hasn’t even been publicly identified. Word is Smart is very focused on keeping her private life just that, but her father did speak to the press long enough to give a firm thumbs up on her Prince Charming.

According to People, the family is “thrilled’ by Elizabeth’s engagement but not overly surprised. She and the mystery lad have reportedly been together for awhile, and most family members and close friends thought a ceremony was imminent.

Elizabeth Smart first became a household name in 2002 when, as a fourteen year old, she was abducted from her bedroom. Her little sister witnessed the kidnapping while pretending to be asleep, but by the time she alerted her parents, Elizabeth was long gone. She was miraculously discovered nearly a year later after her little sister remembered a homeless man whose voice sounded like the abductor. Since returning home, she’s worked on several pieces of legislation to protect children and victims and currently works for ABC News.

Regardless of what the specifics of the wedding might be, Pop Blend wishes Elizabeth Smart and her future husband nothing but the best as they take on life as a team.



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