Michael Douglas And Catherine Zeta-Jones Are Spending Some Time Apart

By Mack Rawden 2013-08-28 09:25:17
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Itís been thirteen years since Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones walked down the aisle in a lavish ceremony at the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan. During that time, theyíve had two children, cranked out a lot of hit movies and undergone some traumatizing battles with physical and mental illness. Sadly, it seems those battles have recently done a number on their marriage, and the two Hollywood stars have reportedly decided to take a break from each other.

According to People, sheís currently at the coupleís formerly shared home in New York, and heís currently on their yacht in Sardinia. Since May, theyíve alternated vacations and missed each otherís red carpet premieres. They also apparently havenít been photographed together at all in that timeframe, which is perhaps the worst sign of all.

Neither Michael nor Catherine has spoken out about whatís really going on. Their publicists have stayed mum too. As such, thereís no way to confirm these two have actually wandered in different directions, but given the emotionally charged last few years these two have had, itís not completely unthinkable. Back in 2010, he was diagnosed with cancer, and more recently, she has battled bipolar disorder.

Fortunately, whether theyíre together or not, both Catherine and Michael seem to be on the mend. Simply reaching out and getting help for a mental illness is a gigantic step toward getting it under control, and Michael is back to acting. If theyíre going to take some time apart, itís very important both parties sort out their individual lives as best as possible, and they certainly seem to be doing that. Plus, thereís no reason why marriage breaks always have to end in divorce. In fact, sometimes they donít. We might collectively think of them as kisses of death, but a minority of couples actually do use that time apart to figure out they canít live without one another.

At sixty-eight and forty-three, their marriage has attracted a ton of headlines over the past decade plus for featuring a twenty-five year age gap. Itís understandable why people would be so obsessed with talking about that, but often lost in the shuffle is just how well this marriage has worked during the better times. The pair have two lovely children named Dylan and Carys, and theyíve been towers of support for one another at various points.

Pop Blendís sincerest thoughts go out to the coupleís children during this sad and lonely time. Hereís to hoping mom and dad can work out all of their issues or barring that, at least figure out a way to be as friendly and amiable about any future split as possible. The kids certainly deserve as much.

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