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Paddington 2 Is Happening, Get The Details

The computer animated film hit Paddington hit theaters earlier this year and exploded at the box office. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that there are hopes of turning the series into a major franchise.

The Walking Dead's Ratings Were Helped By This Week's Crazy Episode

There has been much talk since the beginning of Season 6 of The Walking Dead regarding a perceived dip in ratings for the first two episodes. Any speculation of sagging ratings were quelled with TWD’s most recent episode.

Spectre Is Already A Huge Hit, Check Out These Numbers

Generally, sequels to movies are less successful than the original. What makes the James Bond series so special is that, even now, in its 24th iteration, they continue to eclipse one another, as looks to be happening with the latest Bond movie, Spectre.

Will Ferrell Is Absolutely No Match for Mark Wahlberg In Daddy's Home Trailer

In 2010, Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg shared the screen in the buddy cop comedy The Other Guys. The pair’s on screen chemistry was undeniable, so it makes sense that the two be paired again, only this time as opponents, in the upcoming film Daddy’s Home.

The Monster High Movie Just Took A Big Step Forward

Last year, Universal announced that they studio had green lit a live action feature film adaptation of the Monster High toy franchise. The film, which already has a release date set for the fall of 2016, just took a big step forward towards production.

Steven Spielberg's Amazing Stories Is Coming Back To TV, Get The Amazing Details

Amazing Stories, the anthology series that focused on the weird and the strange back in 1985, is coming back to television to deliver more tales from the odd and the fantastic, with someone fantastic taking the reins.

The Hulk To Meet Bruce Banner?

Mark Ruffalo has made the poster boy for anger management his own. Ruffalo has now let known one of his biggest desires for the character: he wants to see the Hulk and Bruce Banner meet face to face on the big screen.

Rocky Horror Picture Show Remake Has Found Its Frank-N-Furter

Earlier this year, Fox announced its intent to reimagine the cult classic Rocky Horror Picture Show to coincide with the original film’s 40 year anniversary. Now fans have even further reason to be excited, as the project has apparently found it’s Dr. Frank-N-Furter.

Nick At Nite Is Making A Huge Change, Get The Details

The times, they are a changing. At least that appears to be the case over at Nick at Nite. Like a lot of other cable networks the Nick at Nite programming block has determined this might not be as viable as initially expected.

Wait, Mary Poppins Isn't Really A Reboot?

Fans of the Disney musical Mary Poppins started forming lynch mobs when news broke of a reboot. Well, fear not , because director Rob Marshall assures us that his pending Poppins project is no mere remake.

Super Bowl 50 May Have Found Its Halftime Act

Ah, the Super Bowl. Now is the time of year when speculation starts to swirl around the interwebs regarding what musical act will play the Halftime Show of the event, and it appears there's a particular band up for the gig.

Dr. Ken Is Getting A Lot More Episodes

Dr. Ken, starring real life doctor turned comedian Ken Jeong, garnered 6.7 million viewers for its premiere and maintaining consistent viewership ever since. Now, that success her been rewarded.

The Ratchet & Clank Trailer Is Epic And Fun

Fans will be able to follow a pair of video game heroes on the big screen in epic form as Ratchet & Clank is headed to theaters via a fully animated feature film due to release next year.

American Horror Story: Hotel Called Vile By Parents Watchdog Group

The Parents Television Council has set their sights on Fox, taking issue with both the sex and violence on FX’s American Horror Story: Hotel as well as the time slotting of the comedy/horror anthology Scream Queens.

Defiance Has Been Cancelled, No Season 4 Coming

Being a fan of sci-fi television can be exhausting. When shows garner a loyal fan, constant rumors and worries of cancellation can take you from high to low. Such as the case with SyFy’s Defiance, which will not get a Season 4.

The One Thing Vin Diesel Needs To See In Guardians Of The Galaxy 2

When Guardians of the Galaxy exploded onto the scene last year, the blockbuster hit catapulted Groot, voiced by action superstar Vin Diesel, to pop culture icon status. Now, Diesel shared the one thing he wants to see in the sequel.

The Real Reason Danny Boyle Kept Delaying Trainspotting 2

In the twenty years since the release of Trainspottingthere has been chatter about a sequel. Now, not only do we have confirmation that one is forthcoming, but we also know why there hasn’t been one yet: the cast was fearful that a sequel might tank.

Zombie Comic Z-Men Getting A Feature Film

The dead are walking again, and this time the government is sending their best to put them back in the ground. The Z-Men are coming, and we have the first details of their journey, after the jump.

The Guardians Of The Galaxy TV Series Has Been Renewed For Season 2

After airing for only two weeks, the Guardians of the Galaxy animated TV series, which debuted on Disney XD this past September, it's already been announced that the series will be coming back for a Season 2.

Christopher Nolan Issues A Bleak Warning To Movie Theaters

Filmmaker Christopher Nolan issued a bleak warning to movie theaters regarding the future of cinema. Nolan warned that if the theater going experience isn’t improved the next generation of movie goers will stop going

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