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Game of Thrones' Dragon Noises Are Made By Drunk Fans

A Game of Thrones fan explained how her drunken scream became the roar of a dragon.

Sons Of Anarchy's Charlie Hunnam Reveals Why He Won't Appear On Mayans M.C.

The former Sons of Anarchy star explained why he's not going to be around on Mayans M.C.

This Is Us Season 3 First Look Has Sparked Some Great Theories

A picture shared by Dan Fogelman on social media has "birthed," some great theories.

6 Awesome Simpsons And Futurama References In Matt Groening's Disenchantment

We've compiled the best nods to The Simpsons and Futurama in Matt Groening's new Netflix series Disenchantment.

NCIS: New Orleans Just Cast A New Character That'll Give Agent Pride Some Hell In Season 5

NCIS: New Orleans just added an interesting new character to the mix for Season 5.

Star Wars Resistance Timeline Apparently Revealed And Then Deleted By Disney

Disney might have slipped up and revealed the timeline for Star Wars Resistance.

Big Little Lies Shailene Woodley Is Rocking A New Look In Season 2

A new photo from the set of Big Little Lies has revealed a new look for Shailene Woodley's Jane.

Lost's Penny And Desmond Reunited, And We Have To Go Back

Lost fans were super happy to see the television couple reunited once again.

Why Big Brother Hasn't Gotten A Spinoff For The Jury House, According To Julie Chen

Big Brother host Julie Chen explains why a Jury House spinoff hasn't happened yet.

Marvel's Runaways Will Make First Legit MCU Connection In Season 2

The Hulu series will get its first real tie-in to the MCU in Season 2.

One Walking Dead Star Was Very Scared About Andrew Lincoln's Exit

One star of The Walking Dead was pretty shaken up by the news Andrew Lincoln was leaving.

What Milo Ventimiglia Learned About Acting From Gilmore Girls

The former Gilmore Girls star revealed the lifelong lesson he learned on the show.

Stephen Amell's Arrow Beard Is Coming Along Nicely

Stephen Amell shared a sneak peek at his facial growth for Season 7 of Arrow.

Gotham Is Apparently Going All In On Bane In Season 5

It appears Gotham is committed to bringing Bane into the series before it ends.

Netflix's Disenchantment Reviews Are In, Here's What Critics Think Of Matt Groening's New Show
Ian Ziering Has Exciting Thoughts About A Beverly Hills 90210 Reunion

Ian Ziering shared his thoughts on the possibility of a Beverly Hills 90210 reunion.

David Harbour's Weirdest Stranger Things Fan Experience Nearly Caused A Plane's Emergency Landing

David Harbour shared a very odd experience he had with an aggressive Stranger Things fan.

Why Jerry Seinfeld Still Believes He Ended Seinfeld At The Perfect Time

The comedian still stands behind his decision to end the series when he did.

Westworld Creators Drop First Details About Season 3

Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy shared some details about what future drama Westworld is cooking up.

Arrow's Stephen Amell Is Getting His Butt Handed To Him Filming Season 7

Stephen Amell hopped on social media to let fans know that filming has been rough.

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