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New Doctor Who Christmas Special Video Stuck The First And Twelfth Doctors In The TARDIS Together

A new video from the Doctor Who Christmas special features the two Doctors at odds with each other.

Julianne Hough Is Dancing From Reality TV To Scripted TV For A New Show

The former Dancing With The Stars dancer has a new project on the way.

Jason Momoa Is A Bloody Badass In Trailer For Netflix's Frontier Season 2

Declan Harp is back, and he's looking extra bloody.

When Reign Will Finally Get Villainous On Supergirl

Sam is about to break bad on Supergirl.

Nashville Is Cancelled Again, No Season 7 On CMT

The series is getting canceled for the second time.

How Outlander Stars Reacted To Episode Airing With Pornographic Captioning

The stars of Outlander shared their thoughts on the show's embarrassing captioning error.

TBS May Be Dropping Louis C.K.'s Animated Series The Cops

TBS has some thinking to do in regards to Louis C.K.'s show.

Castle's Co-Creators Have A New Show That Will Sound Familiar To Castle Fans

The Castle creators are back at it with a new show that sounds really similar to their former hit series.

Black Lightning Finally Has A Premiere Date, Which Means A Big Change For Legends Of Tomorrow

The premiere date for Black Lightning appears problematic for Legends Of Tomorrow.

Why Arrow Fans Should Be Worried About Diggle

It sounds like things are going to get worse before they get better for Diggle. Here's why fans should be very worried about him.

The Insane Amount Of Money Amazon Could Spend On The Lord Of The Rings TV Show

It's one budget that will almost unquestionably rule them all.

How Jon Stewart Feels Now About Leaving The Daily Show

The former comedy news anchor shares his thoughts about being off the show.

2 Big This Is Us Questions That Justin Hartley Just Answered

The actor who plays Kevin just dropped some hints as to where his character is headed in This Is Us.

Supergirl Will Introduce A Very Evil Comic Book Villain In Season 3

Something wicked from the comics will soon make an appearance on Supergirl.

Shameless' Emmy Rossum Just Landed A Crazy New TV Show

Shameless star Emmy Rossum will soon jump into a new series with a bizarre story.

Why The Defenders Aren't In The Punisher, According To The Showrunner

Steve Lightfoot shares some insight as to why Frank Castle is going at it without superhero pals in his series.

How NCIS' Pauley Perrette Addressed The Rumors Surrounding Her Upcoming Departure

The actress wants to clear the air regarding a rumor the internet is spreading about her departure.

This Is Us Just Delivered A Heartbreaking Twist We Didn't See Coming

Tonight's This Is Us saved the biggest moment for the final minute.

How The Walking Dead's Chandler Riggs Reacted To The Rumors That Carl Will Die This Season

Chandler Riggs has a message for fans who think Carl is going to die in Season 8 of The Walking Dead.

Two Versions Of Harrison Wells That Were Cut Out Of The Flash's Council Of Wells Episode

Tom Cavanagh was disappointed a couple of his variants on Harrison Wells didn't make it into tonight's episode. Read on to find out more!

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