Noggin Is Now Less Than $1 A Month For Prime Members: Stream Paw Patrol, Dora The Explorer, And More

Skye from Paw Patrol on Noggin
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Streaming has always seemed like a favorable platform for kids, and for some today, they don’t know a world without it. Services allow for young ones to stream their favorite shows like Paw Patrol and Dora The Explorer without commercials and allow parents and relatives some time to unwind while their kids enjoy educational programming. If that sounds like a great deal, then get ready for the kicker. Noggin is now less than $1 a month for Amazon Prime members, which is pretty sweet. 

If you’re an Amazon Prime Member, you can pick up the Noggin channel add-on right now for just 99 cents for the next two months. After that, the price jumps to $7.99, but subscribers will have plenty of time to figure out whether or not that cost is justified. If it’s not, users who took advantage of the deal still got some of the best kids' shows on streaming for less than $2. If this sounds like something of interest, go to the sign-up page to get set up now because the offer expires on Friday, April 15!

Noggin on Amazon Prime Video

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A Noggin subscription has a lot of upsides for any parent looking for a service for their child, including over 1,000 ad-free children's shows available in its library. As mentioned, Paw Patrol (minus the movie that is streaming on Paramount+) and Dora The Explorer are part of the package, and other kids' shows like Peppa Pig, Bubble Guppies, and Blues Clues & You are also in the mix. Subscribers also get a promise of new content every week, as well as additional videos for children to learn from. 

Perhaps the most exciting perk included is that a subscription to Noggin – even if it’s through Amazon Prime (which is also running a deal on several movie collections) – allows for multi-screen access for children. That means parents can access Noggin on their devices on the go, which can always come in handy during long car rides, waiting at a restaurant, or just on a tablet while the other television is in use. As a parent, I’ve learned there’s always value in having an app to keep a child busy momentarily, whatever the situation may be. 

And while those with a Netflix subscription also have access to plenty of shows for children (even if they only want to watch Cocomelon), the app isn’t exactly tailor-made for a child. Additionally, Netflix’s latest measures to prevent password sharing paired with other price jumps by streamers have shown that streaming is getting expensive. It’s great to find a deal wherever one is available, and ultimately, Noggin could replace a legacy streaming service that families are holding onto that might be more expensive. It feels like there’s a lot to gain from taking advantage of this deal and little to lose if it doesn’t work out. 

Time is of the essence to take advantage of this deal, though, as Amazon Prime members can only snag Noggin for under $1 until Friday, April 15. Hop on board with this amazing offer, and perhaps see what other deals (like this massive discount on YouTube TV) are floating around that may be beneficial for streaming households looking to save a buck. 

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