Star Wars: The Clone Wars Gets Some Love This Holiday Season With Republic And Ahsoka Themed Winter Jackets

Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano in Star Wars: The Clone Wars
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Even in this golden era of live-action Jedi shows, Star Wars: The Clone Wars remains an acclaimed and highly relevant series after its ending. Fans recently saw that when a character popped up in Andor and will continue to see the series’ impact as one of its most notable original characters, Ahsoka Tano, gets her own series. As we prepare to celebrate more Star Wars in the new year, Columbia has a stunning collection of parkas, jackets, and pullovers any fan would want. 

Columbia has just the winter collection for any Star Wars: The Clone Wars fan wishing to support the Republic before the winter season. The sale is set to commence online and in select stores on Friday, December 2nd at midnight, and is expected to sell out. With that in mind, be sure to act soon and take advantage of these out-of-this-world designs before they’re gone. 

Ahsoka Tano Jacket from Columbia

(Image credit: Columbia)

Ahsoka Tano Jacket

As previously mentioned, Rosario Dawson will reprise her role from The Mandalorian for her own Ahsoka series. Now, anyone interested can keep warm this holiday season with Columbia’s Ahsoka jacket, which is based on the one she wore on Carlac. In addition to the standard quality features of a luxury jacket, Star Wars fans will notice the pointed hood design and the internal print mimicking the design of her Montrals.

Ahsoka Jacket - $450 (opens in new tab)

Ahsoka Jacket - $450 (opens in new tab)

Star Wars parka by Columbia

(Image credit: Columbia )

Republic Parka

I know that Hoth is an area more closely tied to the original trilogy, but I can’t help but think about it by looking at these Republic Parkas. If only Anakin and Obi-Wan managed to stick together following the end of the Clone Wars, they might’ve taken a trip there in these warm parkas, which have the Republic and Jedi insignias on the jacket. With a blue and white option, multiple pockets, and an adjustable hood, and removable faux fur, this definitely feels like a functional winter parka fit for a Jedi. 

Republic Parka - $500 (opens in new tab)

Republic Parka - $500 (opens in new tab)

Star Wars pullover by Columbia

(Image credit: Columbia )

Republic Heavyweight Pullover

If the price point of the above jackets makes it hard to afford that Disney+ subscription, Star Wars fans may find the heavyweight pullover a more attractive and cost-effective option. With designs in blue and white and a Jedi insignia on the chest, this would be a great gift for any Star Wars fan to show their love of the franchise. 

Republic Heavyweight Pullover - $140 (opens in new tab)

Star Wars ball cap from Columbia

(Image credit: Columbia )

Republic Ball Cap

Last, but certainly not least, Star Wars fans can snag a Republic ball cap in the blue or white style with the Jedi insignia on the top. I can’t say I’ve ever seen someone rocking a baseball hat in Star Wars, but that sure would’ve helped Luke Skywalker better shield his eyes from those Tattooine suns back in the day. 

Republic Ball Cap - $40 (opens in new tab)

Republic Ball Cap - $40 (opens in new tab)

Visit Columbia’s Star Wars landing page (opens in new tab) for more details on the jackets, and to be ready to buy when the sale goes live at midnight on Friday, December 2nd. Anyone done with that can also look up some of our awesome recommendations for Star Wars holiday decorations, just in case, they’re looking to go all out celebrating the franchise this season.

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