Ahsoka: An Updated Cast List For Disney+'s Star Wars Series, Including Rosario Dawson

Rosario Dawson in Ahsoka trailer
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After Rosario Dawson’s epic live-action debut as Ahsoka Tano in The Mandalorian Season 2, the fan-favorite character is getting ready to have her own self-titled spin-off show, which will follow the Force-sensitive Jedi on a whole new adventure. The upcoming Star Wars title is set to become available to stream with a Disney+ subscription on August 23, 2023. While specific plot details for the series are being kept under wraps, here are the actors who have either been announced or been reported to appear in the Ahsoka cast from reputable sources.

Rosario Dawson's Ahsoka Tano wielding white lightsabers

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Rosario Dawson (Ahsoka Tano)

Portraying the aforementioned title character of Ahsoka on her third Star Wars series so far is Rosario Dawson. The acclaimed actor was initially cast in the role – first introduced on Star Wars: The Clone Wars as voiced by Ashley Eckstein – for The Mandalorian, years after a fan tweeted at the actress in 2017 to play the animated character in live action, and she responded with, “yes, please.” 

The Jedi is only the latest character in Dawson’s repertoire that has earned her “Geek Goddess” status, such as a few animated DC movie roles (including Wonder Woman in several titles and Barbara Gordon in The LEGO Batman Movie), a Marvel character (nurse to the vigilantes, Claire Temple), and her role in the Sin City cast as Gail. She also earned praise for her performances in 2005’s Rent, Kevin Smith’s Clerks movies, and Hulu’s Dopesick cast, to name just a few notable examples.

hayden christensen as anakin skywalker in revenge of the sith

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Hayden Christensen (Anakin Skywalker)

Ahsoka Tano will presumably be reunited with her Jedi teacher, Anakin Skywalker, since it’s been announced that Hayden Christensen would return to the role in Ahsoka, as Rosario Dawson confirmed on social media before Disney asked her to take down the news. Given the series’ expected timeline, Anakin should no longer be alive, so he’ll more likely be depicted in flashbacks or as a Force Ghost. 

Christensen most recently reprised his Star Wars prequel trilogy role in Disney+’s Obi-Wan Kenobi cast in 2022. Before that, he gave many eclectic performances in several notable movies like the fact-based Shattered Glass (also starring Dawson) and the 2010 thriller, Vanishing on 7th Street.

Sabine in Ahsoka

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Natasha Liu Bordizzo (Sabine Wren)

Australian actress Natasha Liu Bordizzo -- who was part of Netflix’s Day Shift cast, along with starring as Helena Wu in the streamer’s abruptly-canceled series The Society -- stars as the live-action Sabine Wren on Ahsoka. Sabine debuted in animated form on Star Wars Rebels and was a main character throughout all four seasons, as voiced by Tiya Sicar

Sabine is a Mandalorian artist who becomes a warrior leader of the Rebellion against the Galactic Empire as the series progresses. The last time Star Wars fans saw the character was when she and Ahsoka set off to find their missing friend, Ezra Bridger, who'd disappeared in the final Rebels episode with Grand Admiral Thrawn as an unwilling companion. When we pick up with these characters in Ahsoka, fans expect that it will continue this storyline and give them closure following where Rebels left off.

Eman Esfandi on Ahsoka

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Eman Esfandi (Ezra Bridger)

Ahsoka has found its live-action Ezra Bridger in Eman Esfandi, who has previous credits in Red 11, King Richard, and the acclaimed 2022 drama, The Inspection. The actor succeeds Taylor Gray’s voice acting role as the Force-sensitive Jedi Padawan and freedom fighter. The character was key to Star Wars Rebels, where the orphan and con artist joined the Ghost crew, which included Sabine Wren.  

As previously mentioned, Bridger becomes lost at the end of Rebels when, in an effort to face their enemies, he sacrifices himself by creating a protecting air pocket for himself and General Thrawn to both be taken by a Purrgil. It looks as though we’ll get to see Ezra’s next chapter in live action with Esfandi’s performance. 

Mary Elizabeth Winstead in Ahsoka

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Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Hera Syndulla)

Also joining the Ahsoka cast is Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Hera Syndulla – a Twi'lek female revolutionary leader from Rebels. The series will mark the actress’ first time in the Star Wars universe following her roles in various action franchises, from DC’s Birds of Prey as The Huntress in 2020 to Live Free or Die Hard as John McClane’s daughter, Lucy, back in 2007. The actor is also well-known as Ramona Flowers in 2010’s Scott Pilgrim vs. The World cast, for starring in the 2016 Cloverfield spinoff, 10 Cloverfield Lane, and playing the title role of the Netflix's ass-kicking action movie from 2021, Kate.

In a cute connection, Winstead is the real-life partner of Obi-Wan Kenobi actor Ewan McGregor, whom she first collaborated with on Fargo Season 3 before starring in Birds of Prey together. Not to mention, Ahsoka will mark the actor’s reunion with Dawson since they last shared the screen in Quentin Tarantino’s half of 2007’s Grindhouse (and self-proclaimed “worst movie”), Death Proof

Ray Stevenson as Baylan Skoll in Ahsoka

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Ray Stevenson (Baylan Skoll)

Ray Stevenson also stars on Ahsoka as a new character named Baylan Skoll – an orange-red lightsaber-wielding, Force-sensitive mercenary who appears to be working for Thrawn, based on the series’ trailer. However, this was not his first time in the Star Wars universe, having previously voiced Gar Saxon in Rebels and The Clone Wars

Stevenson was known for his role as Titus Pullo in the HBO series Rome, a recurring stint as one of the best main antagonists on Dexter, and for portraying a couple of Marvel characters – namely Frank Castle in 2008’s Punisher: War Zone, as well as Volstagg in three Thor movies. Unfortunately, before he could see the premiere of Ahsoka, the Irish actor passed away on May 22, 2023, at the age of 58.

Ivanna Sakhno in Ahsoka

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Ivanna Sakhno (Shin Hati)

Also among the confirmed cast is Ivanna Sakno, who is reportedly playing a brand-new role made for the upcoming series, named Shin Hati. Sakhno is a Ukranian-American actress who has previously been seen in 2018’s Pacific Rim: Uprising and The Spy Who Dumped Me, along with appearing in a couple of episodes of Hulu’s High Fidelity alongside Zoë Kravitz. 

Diana Lee Inosanto as Morgan Elsbeth in Ahsoka

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Diana Lee Inosanto (Morgan Elsbeth)

Diana Lee Inosanto will appear in the cast to reprise her role as an agent of Thrawn named Morgan Elsbeth, which she originated on The Mandalorian Season 2 episode, “The Jedi.” Inosanto is also known for her work as a stunt performer on movies like Blade and Face/Off and TV shows like Walker, Texas Ranger and Lucifer. Her additional acting credits include a small part in the Pamela Anderson-led comic book flick, Barb Wire, and the lead of 2008’s The Sensei, which she also wrote and directed.  

Wes Chatham in Expanse

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Wes Chatham (Captain Enoch)

Additionally, Wes Chatham, who is best known for playing Amos Burton in another space-set series, Amazon’s The Expanse, along with portraying Castor in The Hunger Games franchise, is part of Ahsoka as well. The actor, per Deadline, will reportedly be playing Captain Enoch, who is the right-hand man to Grand Admiral Thrawn. 

David Tennant Ahsoka character

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David Tennant (Huyang)

Reprising the role of Huyang – a droid known for overseeing the construction of lightsabers for centuries – is the actor who voiced him on Star Wars: The Clone Wars, David Tennant. The British actor is part of a few other beloved franchises – having played the title role of Doctor Who for years, appeared in the Harry Potter movies as Barty Crouch, Jr., and starred alongside Dawson in the Marvel series, Jessica Jones, as Kilgrave, most notably. Some of Tennant’s most revered work outside of the fantasy genre includes the acclaimed crime drama, Broadchurch, and leading the Inside Man cast for Netflix.

Lars Mikkelsen on House of Cards

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Lars Mikkelsen (Grand Admiral Thrawn)

As it was announced during Star Wars Celebration Europe in 2023, the live-action Grand Admiral Thrawn is coming to Ahsoka and will be played by Lars Mikkelsen, the same actor who gave voice to the villain in Star Wars: Rebels. The brother of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story actor Mads Mikkelsen (according to Fandom) is also known for Forbrydelsen – the Danish series that inspired Netflix’s The Killing – and recurring roles on Sherlock and The Witcher

Genevieve O'Reilly on Ahsoka

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Genevieve O’Reilly (Mon Mothma)

Yet another franchise veteran reprising her role in the upcoming drama is Genevieve O’Reilly as Mon Mothma, as we know from her appearance in the trailer. She became the second actor to play the Rebel Alliance leader (after Caroline Blakiston) when she was cast in Revenge of the Sith and would return to the character in Rogue One, and then again as part of the Andor cast on Disney+. Her most notable credits outside the franchise include the Matrix movies as Officer Wirtz, Amazon’s crime drama series Tin Star, and the Overwatch video games.

Those are all the actors, and the characters they play, that we could confirm are in the Ahsoka cast. Who knows what other iconic figures from a galaxy far, far away might show up in the highly anticipated Star Wars series? Find out when it premieres on Disney+ in August 2023!

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