Two Game Of Thrones Fans Got Caught Having Sex On The Old Set

Game of Thrones Jon Snow and Daenerys in Season 8.
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Plenty of Game of Thrones fans were very passionate about the show when it ended back in 2019, but not in the same way as a couple recently spotted having sex on the old set of the smash-hit HBO series. It also happened in a place that wasn’t exactly the hot spot for the couples of Westeros, as the two were caught in the act on the former setting of the streets of King’s Landing. Does this automatically make them diehard fans?

Yes, the couple was caught having sex in Dubrovnik, Croatia, which many fans (and probably those two by this point) know as the setting for King’s Landing. The streets of King’s Landing are famously where Cersei was forced to walk nude, in front of a jeering crowd while a septa rang a bell and yelled “SHAME” behind her for a very memorable and costly scene. (The septa ultimately paid for the act in a scene that, according to Lena Headey, was a “shit time” to film.)These two didn’t get the same treatment, but their sex on the old set was filmed by a passerby on their cell phone, and they reportedly (via New York Post) had to stop when a stranger intervened. 

It’s not clear if these two were fans of Game of Thrones who chose the spot specifically. The HBO show was a pop culture phenomenon that seemed to reach all around the globe, but there are really more amorous places from that eight-season saga to hook up. Still, I guess the old “when in Rome” adage can apply to fans in Dubrovnik – it’s not like other sets from the show are as easy to access as the streets of a real-life city. So, when in Dubrovnik, do as the Game of Thrones characters do?

Probably best not to try to faithfully recreate what was happening in King's Landing at the end of the final season, after Dany and Drogon roasted the city in her mad final battle for the Iron Throne. She was then stabbed by Jon Snow, and not in a way she would have been hoping for from her lover/nephew/assassin! Whether or not the two caught having sex are Game of Thrones fans, they certainly embraced a spirit in King’s Landing that Littlefinger might have approved of, if he could charge them for it! Having to stop after a stranger interfered might have been anticlimactic for the couple, but better than what probably would have happened in the world of Westeros. 

This also isn’t the first time that the city of Dubrovnik has faced some problems because of Game of Thrones, as it became a major tourist destination. In fact, back in 2017, so many tourists were arriving that it was causing literal damage to the historic city, and the mayor wanted to cap the number of tourists per day. I’m not sure what he’d think about the couple caught having sex, but I’m pretty sure that that wasn’t included in his initial plan. 

Pedro Pascal, whose Prince Oberyn had some good times in Littlefinger’s brothels before his gruesome death, returned to Dubrovnik not too long ago, and shared earlier this year what it was like to come back. He revealed that he filmed within walking distance from the arena where they’d filmed the big fight scene between Oberyn and The Mountain. At least the couple caught in the act can say that their premature finish ended better than his? (Fun fact: Oberyn’s death was originally planned to be even more gruesome.)

These two may not be inclined to revisit the former streets of King’s Landing again any time soon (at least not when they could be caught on cell phone camera), but Game of Thrones can revisit all eight seasons streaming with an HBO Max subscription. The world of Westeros will soon be back on HBO as well, with House of the Dragon. The show doesn’t debut until August in the 2022 TV premiere schedule, but the latest trailer proved that Rhaenyra will be one to watch.

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