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Supergiant Games and Warner Bros., Interactive Entertainment knocked it out of the park with the original Bastion, from the narration to the platforming to the combat. Well, the award-winning title is making its way back to Xbox consoles, this time for the Xbox One.

Over on the official Supergiant Games website the developers announced that their original smash hit, Bastion, is set to make its return to the Xbox One as a remastered game. The game will be available on Microsoft's eighth-gen console starting next month, on December 12th. The best part about it is that if you already own Bastion on the Xbox 360 you'll be able to receive the new remastered version of the game for free for a limited time, up until January 1st, 2017.

In addition to being free, the remastered version of Bastion will come with the post-launch DLC for the game called Stranger's Dream. The DLC will be bundled in so technically if you never bought the DLC for the Xbox 360 version of the game but you have a copy of the original, you're possibly getting the DLC for free just for owning the original game. Neat, eh?

But that's not all!

The remastered version of the game isn't just going to be a standard backwards compatible port-over. They decided to rebuild the eccentric, story-driven adventure game for the Xbox One, and that means that they've modified the game's core internal resolution and output to take advantage of the console's processing power. This means that instead of running natively at 720p, Bastion will run at native 1080p on the Xbox One.

Supergiant also took some time out to include some brand new achievements for gamers to unlock.

This is definitely a nice little surprise for anyone who was a fan of the original isometric title that happened to be part of the new wave of indie games that helped shape the seventh generation of both PC and home console gaming. Other titles that really stood out was the Geometry Wars games, Braid and Super Meat Boy, each of which gave Microsoft a decidedly pointed edge over the competition for having high-quality, timeless games made by small teams that proved that you didn't need $100 million to bring a game to life.

Bastion really stood out from the herd thanks to the awesome narration from Logan Cunningham, and Darren Korb's equally mesmerizing soundtrack, which is still just a standout masterpiece even to this day. Korb and Ashley Barret's "Setting Sail, Coming Home" is one of those songs that just burns right into the very core of your soul, along with the song "Build That Wall."

Supergiant also followed up Bastion with Transistor, which was also a pretty cool game and had some awesome cyber-deco themes to it that really stood out thanks to the strikingly visual art-style, but Bastion's story and gameplay were just unforgettable. It's nice to see it being paid some love and a chance to reel in some new eyes by releasing on the Xbox One in the middle of next month.

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