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Horizon Zero Dawn: Frozen Wilds DLC Has A Release Date

Horizon Zero Dawn Frozen Wilds
(Image credit: Guerrilla Games)

Guerrilla Games and Sony announced recently that the new DLC expansion for the PlayStation 4 exclusive, Horizon: Zero Dawn, has an official release date set in stone and gamers can look for it to arrive this fall.

On the PlayStation Blog they announced that the release is set for November 7th. The Frozen Wilds DLC sees players hopping back into the role of Aloy as she ventures beyond the typical boundaries of the Embrace and attempts to discover some of the odd happenings at the top of a mysterious mountain.

The story revolves around a plot-point taken from one of the other sub-plots in the main game that Aloy encountered while attempting to piece together the mystery of "Zero Dawn."

Aloy returns to the mountains but goes a step further, venturing further north toward an anomaly that endangers the Embrace.

The DLC will introduce players to all new machines to fight, new weapons to build, and new outfits to acquire.

Guerrilla Games has been especially tight-lipped about the kind of enemies Aloy will face and the new dangers she'll encounter while scaling up the mountain to face off against whatever scourge is threatening the people.

Horizon: Zero Dawn launched earlier in the year for the PlayStation 4 and managed to sell a couple of million copies out of the gate. It garnered fairly high review scores as well.

The real hook for the game were the robosaurs, which are a mix of dinosaurs and robots. There's actually a rather intriguing story within the lore of the game as to how they came about and why they are the way they are.

A large majority of the game is centered around playing as Aloy as she not only uncovers her own mysterious past, but also discovers how the world came to be that way.

Unlike a lot of other futuristic, dystopian titles, Horizon: Zero Dawn avoided the focus on brandishing firearms and instead put a focus on bow and arrows, ropecasters, and other primitive weapons and traps. Guerrilla originally thought about having Aloy utilize some of the machine gun weapons from its Killzone series, but then it later decided against it.

Whatever new equipment Aloy can get her hands on in the upcoming DLC won't be assault rifles and shotguns, but you can likely expect some new bows and some new spear upgrades.

One of the more underutilized aspects of the game was the platforming. I do wonder if Guerrilla will put a more serious focus on having Aloy scale mountainsides and cliffs? If you went into the original game expecting Tomb Raider or Uncharted-style platforming puzzles, you may have been disappointed with the scant offering of scalable objects. Nevertheless, Guerrilla has plans on sharing more details about the Frozen Wilds expansion leading up to the November 7th release.

In the meantime the developers have also decided to give out a free Horizon: Zero Dawn avatar for those who pre-order the Frozen Wilds DLC expansion from the PlayStation Store, so that's definitely something to consider if you haven't already.

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