Fight The Undead In State Of Decay 2 Gameplay Video

Undead Labs released a brand new gameplay trailer for the upcoming release of the open-world zombie action game, State of Decay 2. The developers have been reserved about showcasing too much about the game and have been playing it close to the chest, but at PAX East a brand new two-minute video reveals tons of details about the game. Check it out.

The trailer was posted up over on the Undead Labs YouTube channel during the PAX East convention in Boston, Massachusetts. The video starts with a look at the wide-open sandbox environment, where a character stands in the middle of a field just off the road overlooking some tree-laced hillsides, overcast skies, and plenty of farmland in the distance.

The character is equipped with a backpack, and also sports a grenade launcher, which goes to show what kind of diversity of weapons will be present in State of Decay 2.

We then see a second character standing on a hillside, overlooking a valley down below. This character is decked out in a beanie with a green jacket on, a leopard print backpack. She has a rather large crowbar on her back along with a sawed-off shotgun. This particular sequence is interesting because we get to see just how out in the open the map is and some of the unique locations you'll visit... like a wind farm.

Some of the homestead areas are also put on display. We see that players can commandeer locations out in the wild and turn them into a base. It's very similar to the original State of Decay, where the resident morale will be visible, and you'll have to work to help them and improve their living conditions by crafting new buildings, acquiring more food and helping to rebuild society.

When you have enough supplies you can build beds, bunks, cooking stations, farms, food storage and more. We briefly see a scene where a player goes outside and selects a small area where they attempt to build some outdoor gardens to help increase the food supply.

The State of Decay 2 video also showcases utilizing crafting like repair stations, fuel bombs, explosives, and other items. It's very similar to other survival games like Rust or DayZ, where you gather up supplies and then craft new items to help you out.

Also, much like Undead Labs' original outing, you can still switch your character and change who you want to play. Anyone you've recruited for your community can be playable in the game, but be warned that if they die out in the field then they stay dead for good.

The remaining bits of the trailer showcase the game's combat mechanics, which includes the ability to perform physics-based throwing attacks, not unlike the Saints Row games. Vehicles are also present in the game and will be the main form of transportation getting from one area to the next.

State of Decay 2 is due out this spring for Xbox One and Windows 10.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.