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Yet another MMO will be going free-to-play. NCsoft's City of Heroes will be relaunching later this year as City of Heroes Freedom.

"All current City of Heroes subscribers will automatically be upgraded to VIP accounts when City of Heroes Freedom launches," explains NCsoft. "When City of Heroes Freedom launches, you will continue to enjoy all of the subscription benefits and content you enjoy today, as well as brand-new exclusive rewards, features, and services."

"Additionally, beginning on July 1, 2011, you will earn 400 Paragon Points each month. When City of Heroes Freedom launches, you will become a VIP player, and you will start with a tidy sum of Paragon Points to spend in the new in-game Paragon Market."

The Paragon Market will allow you to purchase costumes, powers, items, and game services or features. This content will be sold individually as well as in bundles.

Accompanying today's announcement is a helpful chart that highlights the difference between the Free and VIP experience of City of Heroes Freedom.

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