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Diablo 3 Season 2 Begins

Blizzard has an interesting way to keep PC gamers interested in Diablo III: seasons. The new seasonal method of introducing new content and gear has helped spark up renewed interest in the action-RPG. And while the first season may have come to an end, the second season is now underway.

Over on the website, Lyrria rolls out a blog post explaining what Blizzard has in store for gamers as they embrace the latest bit of content for the season. It's stated that...

“You'll see the return of Conquests that encourage long-term goals, such as It’s a Marathon and Sprinter. Reaching a specific Greater Rift level or rushing through Campaign mode from Act I to Act V are activities that encourage a variety of gameplay, some of which is outside the norm. In addition, while they offer a clear goal, they also encourage you to push harder for better results.”

These new campaign features will see players racing to the top of the achievement leaderboard. Players managing appropriate scores will be rewarded well for their efforts, and Blizzard seems to be doing a fine job of keeping the bots off the leaderboards this time around.

So what are some of the rewards of participating in the seasonal content? Well, there are new transmorgifications, rare legendary gear, and unique season content will be available as exclusive accoutrements.

For those of you still confused about what's the difference between the average normal, hardcore and seasonal game modes, it's described on the page as such...

“Similar to the separation between Normal and Hardcore game modes, Seasonal heroes will also have their own shared stash and Artisan progression. Any currency, materials, recipes, items, Paragon experience, and Artisan progression earned during a Season will be rolled over to a player's non-Seasonal profile once the Season concludes.”

This is definitely an attempt to keep PC gamers as daily active users. There was a bit of a steep fall-off from players when the game first launched due to the always-on DRM. Over the past year Blizzard has been working hard to revive trust from the PC community.

The company definitely won over a lot of favor from the console crowd with the historical value of Diablo III being able to be played offline on the home consoles. Some gamers have even ventured to call it the definitive version of the game since it doesn't require servers to play and there's no mandatory log-in required.

The local multiplayer and ease-of-access for the console version of Diablo III, especially the Ultimate Evil Edition, which jam packed in plenty of content at a decent price.

Blizzard's utilization of the seasons for Diablo III is a decent way to keep PC gamers entertained while they work on new content. I doubt it's going to prop Diablo's user engagement up there to World of Warcraft levels, but it's likely going to work toward the company's repair of trust with those who felt betrayed by the Real-Money Auction House and always-on DRM.

You can learn more about the second season of content for Diablo III on PC by paying a kind visit to the game's official website.

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