ZeniMax Online Studios is preparing to host another beta test weekend for Elder Scrolls Online. Your invite to the beta could be waiting for you in your email right now.

According to the email invites, this beta weekend will allow players to try out the low-level questing. They can also participate in the three-way war at the heart of the game's story.

"Do you have what it takes to become the Emperor? Band together with other testers in your alliance and find out this weekend! The gates to Cyrodiil are open and large-scale battles and small group conflict alike await you within the vast province. You'll be able to create a character in any of the three alliances and play up to level 17, adventuring through your alliance's territory or confronting your enemies in Cyrodiil as you choose."

Players who receive an invite will have to create a beta account using the code provided by ZeniMax. They can then download the game client, which ZeniMax previously confirmed to be about 20GB. Pre-loading is highly recommended so you don't find yourself losing valuable beta time by downloading the files on Friday night.

Elder Scrolls Online is set hundreds of years before the single-player Elder Scrolls games. Players create a custom character and then join one of three alliances battling for control of Cyrodiil. The warring factions must also contend with other foes, including a daedric invasion of the realm.

If you didn't get a beta key, you've still got a shot at playing ESO early. ZeniMax says that they'll continue sending out invites throughout the test. The company will make posts on the game's website and various social media pages to notify you when that happens. Also, be sure to check your Spam folder to make sure you don't already have an invite. Gmail users likewise are encouraged to check the "Promotions" tab, as ESO emails tend to land there. ZeniMax is planning additional test weekends in the future as well. They should ramp up in frequency as the game's launch approaches.

As I've said multiple times before, beta announcements are usually accompanied by an uptick in phishing attempts. A few dickheads out there are going to start sending out fake invites to try and trick you into divulging personal information. Be sure to exercise caution.

The beta weekend for ESO will be limited to the PC and Mac even though they're planning Xbox One and PS4 versions as well. The game's expected on all four platforms in 2014.

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