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Today Humble Bundle Inc. began offering their second collection of independently developed mobile games. Humble Mobile Bundle 2 includes six games in total, two of which have never appeared on Android devices before.

Star Command, one of the Android debuts, allows players to command their own spaceship. They'll have to battle enemy ships, fend off boarding parties and repair hull damage. Your crew and ship will both grow in power as you proceed. The parallel ship-to-ship and on-foot combat, along with crew member permadeath, makes the game feel like FTL with an isometric camera.

Time Surfer, the other Android debut, is an endless runner with a twist. The player must navigate the cosmos and avoid spikes, asteroids and other hazards. He can escape death from these dangers by rewinding time, Braid-style. By collecting space cake throughout the game, the player can unlock costumes and pets to improve their performance.

The bundle also includes Punch Quest, another thoughtful addition to the crowded endless runner genre. This game doesn't just make you dodge dangers - you fight them as well. Players run and fight their way through dungeons with multiple paths, bosses and more. The player character can be outfitted with new moves and custom clothing with gold earned through each attempt.

The tower defense genre is represented by Bloons TD 5. This game pits monkeys and their defense towers against an invasion of...balloons. Popping ballons earns the player money, that can in turn be used to buy new towers or tower upgrades.

Ravensword: Shadowlands doesn't look like a mobile game and I mean that in the nicest way possible. It's an open-world RPG set in a medieval fantasy world. The visuals put a few console/PC games to shame. In addition to the usual sword-and-sorcery action, the game also supports mounted combat, a crime and punishment system and branching quests.

The last game in the bundle is Carmageddon, based on the PC game from 1997. In this twisted racing game, players can win through skillful driving or wanton violence. They'll be declared their winner if they cross the finish line first, kill all the pedestrians on the map, or destroy all the other racers. It sounds a bit tame by today's standards but there was some definite outrage about this one back in the nineties.

You can pay whatever you want for the first four games in the bundle. Carmageddon and Ravensword will only be unlocked if you pay more than the average customer. Your money can go toward the developers, Humble Bundle Inc., the Child's Play charity and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. It's up to you to determine the exact split.

The only catch with this bundle is that it'll only be on sale for two weeks.

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