Knock-Knock Joins Greenlight, Features Cool Art-Style In A Creepy House

Ice-Pick Lodge Game Development's Knock-Knock is a bit of a unique venture into psychosis and horror. The game sees players journeying into a creepy house where they must avoid the not-so-alive inhabitants. The game has joined Steam's Greenlight and could use a few upvotes.

It's a bit of a point-and-click puzzle adventure game, but it's a bit difficult to easily compare it to another game of similar ilk. I suppose Machinarium comes to mind in regards to art-style and perspective, but the play-style is its own thing.

As described on the Greenlight page...

The main character is sick of headache and is tempted to sleep, but he must not: there are unwanted Guests in the house. He has to stay awake until dawn, sitting up and trying not to let the fear drive him out of mind. The light is going out now: once the lamp goes dark it is time to hide. Meeting the Unknown itself face to face may drive him insane right away, especially with his unstable state of mind.

If that sounds remotely interesting and you'd like to see how the game actually plays out, feel free to check the game out in action below.

So how do you win at this game? It's kind of weird but the object is to bring back substance, thoughts and notions into his world. A chemistry of psychological puzzle-solving is the only thing that stands between pure insanity and a good night's sleep for the main protagonist...all before the candle burns out, of course.

If the game sounds remotely entertaining and you'd like to see this sort of thing gracing the Steam store one day, feel free to pay a kind visit to the Official Greenlight Page and a pass an upvote and a kind word the way of Knock-Knock.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.