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New Mighty No. 9 Demo Coming In September

In case you were bummed about Mighty No. 9 getting pushed back to next year, it looks like you won't have to wait too much longer to actually play a decent chunk of the game. So long as you're a Kickstarter backer, that is.

You won't be able to read the update if you didn't back the game but, for those who did, you can log into your Kickstarter account and get the full details. After some pretty negative reactions following Mighty No. 9's delay, the developers at Comcept have decided to appease some of their supporters by offering up an extended demo of the game.

Available starting Sept. 15, Kickstarter backers of the game will be able to take on a trial version of Mighty No. 9, which includes four full levels pulled from the game, as well as six levels from the Challenge Mode. The levels you'll be able to play include the opening tutorial, as well as stages one, three and five. Even cooler is the fact that these levels will appear as they are in the game, with story segments and everything.

In case you've already played these levels at trade shows and the like, however, the announcement promises adjustments to enemy placement, graphics and the like, so you should be getting an improved experience.

There are a couple of catches, though, that are piled on top of that whole Kickstarter backer business. For starters, the demo version of the game will only be available through Steam. Secondly, it'll only be playable for a month, so you'll probably want to grab it as soon as it goes live come Sept. 15.

That date is actually around the time Mighty No. 9 was originally set to launch. A few weeks back, Comcept announced that the hugely successful crowdfunded game would not make its planned launch date, pushing the game all the way back to “sometime in 2016.”

Games getting pushed back isn't such a rare thing these days, but what really seemed to irk fans was the fact that this announcement came so close to the launch date. More importantly, said announcement came just after Comcept's next Kickstarter game, Red Ash, closed its campaign. In other words, it felt a heck of a lot like the developer was aware of the delay for some time and simply chose not to mention it out of fear that it would affect the funding drive for their next game.

That's frustrating but, again, I always prefer a developer to take a bit more time and make sure their game is as ready for prime time as humanly possible before unleashing it upon the public. I actually had a chance to play several levels from Mighty No. 9 during E3 2015 and, from what I experienced, the game is coming along quite nicely. It looked, played and sounded like what you would expect out of a modern Mega Man game.

Speaking of which; if you just can't get over your disappointment for the delay and want something to tide you over until next year, the Mega Man Legacy Collection recently dropped, offering the first six games in the series for 15 bucks.

Just an idea.

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