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So you have a decent, mid-ranged PC and you use for the normal stuff: word processing, e-mail, porn, maybe watching pirated copies of Game of Thrones. The thing is, you never thought of using your PC for gaming or getting your nerd-card to become a certified member of the PC Master Race because you felt the expenses were a barrier that prohibited your entry into the most prestigious gaming arena on the planet. Well, times have changed, ace. The tides have turned and Nvidia wants you doing more on your PC than scarfing down sleaze from Bing and deleting spam mail.

Anandtech laid out a list of discounts that Nvidia has implemented following the recent unveiling of the GTX 780ti, in order to get non-PC Master Race users to consider as a legitimate alternative to the upcoming next-generation consoles from Microsoft and Sony.

While Microsoft is asking $500 for a disc-based VCR box that can barely pump pixels at 720p while you pay to watch TV on your TV and dump monthly credits into a subscription service so you can dump even more money into a subscription service on top of a subscription service, Nvidia wants you to consider the GTX 780 instead, for $499.

You all know what the GTX 780 is, right? It's the same card that powered Microsoft's beloved Xbox One games at E3. This bad boy now costs the same amount as the Xbox One, and you'll get to play all your games in the same quality as you witnessed them at the biggest gaming event of the year. Why buy into smoke and mirrors when you can buy the device that rendered the smoke and mirrors?

But what about those of you struggling between the PS4 and upgrading your graphics card on your PC? Well, Nvidia has an answer that will make the decision easy for you: Instead of pumping $400 into Sony's next-gen system that is whooping and beating the Xbox One in benchmarks, you can get the GTX 770 for only $329, and play all the latest and greatest games on the super-ultra settings.

For those of you going with a GTX 770, you'll save enough money to still get into console gaming... that's right, with what little you have left over you'll still be able to get Nintendo's Wii U. The Wii U is a true next-gen competitor unlike the Xbox One; and opposite of Microsoft's system the Wii U affords for true 1080p 60fps games where-as the Xbox One is relegated to 720p gaming, meaning that it is a true Xbox 720p.

Real gamers will have a nice combination of a high-end Nvidia gaming rig with an affordable and yet extremely powerful Nintendo home entertainment system that allows for next-generation experiences found on no other gaming device on the market, and with the required 1080p resolution that gamers deserve at a smooth-as-a-baby's bottom 60 buttery frames per second.

You can get in on these deals right now by paying a kind visit to the official Nvidia website to learn more. And remember, you can join the Glorious PC Master Race with ease, don't let consolitis keep you living in interactive entertainment fear.

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