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The latest live-action trailer from Remedy Entertainment takes a look at the “History of Time Travel.” It is, of course, all about their upcoming timey-wimey game, Quantum Break, and the hero players will be controlling throughout its unique campaign.

Pitched as a found footage documentary of Dr. William Joyce's experimentation with a prototype time machine, this helps set the stage for what William's brother, Jack, will be up against when Quantum Break launches on April 5 for Xbox One and PC.

You may recognize Dr. Joyce as Dominic Monaghan, AKA one of those filthy hobbits from The Lord of the Rings series. His brother is another well-known actor, Shawn Ashmore, perhaps better known as Iceman from the X-Men films. And yeah, they actually look like they could actually be related.

So, as you saw in the above video, things didn't go so well for Dr. Joyce back in 1999. Let's just say that Jack has plenty of reason to be angry when players finally get to step into his shoes in a couple of weeks. I'm not super “into” time travel or anything, but I like how Dr. Joyce explains why he can't travel backwards in time yet. That explanation is also likely to blame for what follows when he first boots up his time machine.

As you might recall, Remedy Entertainment are the same folks responsible for the beloved Alan Wake game. That game also utilized some interesting story-telling mechanics, which are being expanded on with Quantum Break.

For instance, when you're not playing the game, you can explore the time line of the villains by watching four live-action TV episodes. When you're done with those episodes, it's back into control of Jack who, for various reasons, is trying to cause a lot of trouble for these baddies. If you want even more information on those villains now, then you can check out our recent coverage of another live-action trailer recently released by Remedy.

And speaking of all of this video footage, Remedy also recently announced that Quantum Break will ship as a “streamer friendly” package, making it easier for folks to show off their gameplay on Twitch and Youtube without having all sorts of issues with certain scenes. That's all well and good for those who like to watch, but Quantum Break sure seems like one of those stories that would be best experienced personally, to me.

Anyway, has all of this gotten you hyped for the game yet? Are you excited to bend time to your will? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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