Shower With Your Dad Simulator 2015 Is An Actual Game

“There's no way this could be real?” Most of you are probably muttering to yourselves as you click the link and let your curiosity run wild and untamed; part of you fascinated at the concept of an all-male shower simulator, another part of you absolutely terrified at what you might see.

Well, you're going to have a mixture of emotions and a potentially high level of disgust (depending on your threshold for the absurd) after watching the trailer for the indie game. Check it out below.

The gist of the game is pretty simple: you're a small child and you must race to your dad and lather up with him while in a public shower stall. The concept is pretty simple and it's more-so a game based on speed reflexes and quick hand-eye coordination, as you match the appropriate kid with the appropriate dad. If you race to the wrong dad you'll lose points, because what's worse than a small young boy half the size of a man running face first into him while naked in the shower?

There are only two modes for the game, “Endurodad” and “Dadathlon”. Unfortunately the Steam Greenlight page where the game is currently located has little to no useful information about the game. In fact, the title spends more time bragging about its appearance on the Nerdist than it does on why anyone would want to upvote the game so it could appear on Steam's store.

Most users seem to agree that the game leaves tons to be desired, and it almost looks like a cheap cash-grab with a risque bit of content to get people talking. User ThirdScenario Always states...

“This looks like one of those things where they came up with the name first, putting more effort into that than the game itself.”

Now don't think that people are averse to the game for the reasons you might think. The subject matter of running to your naked father and scoring points isn't such much the turnoff as the lack of content. And the general idea behind most users saying “no” seems to tie-in with what ThirdScenario mentioned. As one user stated, they would give it “10/10” if the game had more “races”.

The creator, showerdad, responded saying...

“currently there are only two races (Endurodad and Dadathlon) but there will be more racing modes to come!! thanks for the comment!!”

The rest of the comments that aren't saying “no” and “fail” are mostly trolling or meme-posting. It's difficult to tell who genuinely has an interest beyond the game's troll factors.

Now if you're thinking that some people would be against a game featuring naked pixelated men with dangling noodles and their twin doodles, that's not really the case. Historically gamers kind of love a good noodle and doodle joke or a game featuring protuberantly waving wangs. In fact, Mount Your Friends is a game that was made famous for the wagging willy feature, with the physics-based male-meat providing a large part of the game's appeal.

There were also titles like My Ex-Boyfriend The Space Tyrant, which received little fanfare despite its risque themes. You can also head on over to the Workshop section of Garry's Mod and find plenty of phallic designs or innumerable amounts of literal “penis” structures. Many of the team and clan logos on APB: Reloaded are also a squirting Johnson with matching hairy fuzzies. It's a culture.

I get the feeling that if Shower With Your Dad Simulator 2015 ramped up the content factors like Goat Simulator or Woodcutter Simulator or Farming Simulator, then we'll see those “Yes” votes on Steam Greenlight skyrocketed.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.