The Sims 4 Build Mode Video Teases New And Improved House Building Features

The latest promotional video for EA's The Sims 4 gives us a closer look at the Build Mode for the game. That includes some new (and some improved) features that will allow players to build the perfect home for their Sims. Watching the video, is anyone else anticipating the ultimate time-suck that awaits as we lose ourselves in the meticulous process of building the absolute perfect home?

EA's new Build Mode video gives us a look at the construction of the Goth house, which causes us to back to the totally gothic but far less lavish Goth house from the original Sims game...


Times sure have changed. Those who've moved through the various Sims games over the years are likely already used to more lavish furnishings for their wealthier Sims. But The Sims 4 appears to take building to the next level, with more floor plan options. The video gives us a glimpse of how the Build Mode controls work...

Build mode floor plan

Here's a close-up of the controls at the bottom:

Bottom left

One of the updated features includes the ability to add windows to a room "with just one click" and select their placement, which is something we're able to do with artwork in The Sims 3:


Another great feature is the ability to add and adjust foundations after a house is built...


And the height of the walls...


There are updates to the way we'll be able to build the roof...


And it looks like we'll have the option to add trim...


It's that kind of detail that really drains the time, isn't it? But that's not such a bad thing, especially for those who spend most of their Sims-hours in Build Mode.

Another great option is the ability to move a house around the property...

house move

The Sims 3 lets you rotate a lot, but everything on the lot rotates with it. The ability to pick up and shift the house on that lot should be especially helpful for those landscape changes to your Sims' property. Maybe you want to put in a bigger pool or expand the driveway. Being able to move the house should come in handy.

The Sims 4 is expected to arrive sometime later this Fall. Check out the previously released video focusing on the Create-A-Sim options here.

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