There’s some pretty big news that occurred throughout the week ending on April 23rd. For one, Gaming Blend’s Pete Haas gives his impressions from some hands-on time with Gears of War 3. A huge plethora of information was let loose for Mass Effect 3, detailing the new kung-fu moves and karate attacks added to the game. There’s some sad news regarding the PSPGo pretty much dying, and is it possible that a Hitman 5 is on the way? Well, you’ll have to find out with these stories and more in this April 23rd, 2011 edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap.


FEAR 3 Multiplayer Modes Trailer. A new trailer featuring the various new multiplayer modes in the game.

Castlevania Lords of Shadow Reverie DLC Hits Xbox Live Next Week. The wait is almost over.

Dungeon Hunter Alliance Co-op Review. Is dungeon crawling with a few friends worth it? Find out in the review courtesy of Co-Optimus.

Green Lantern Rise of Manhunters – You Are The Light Trailer. Well, you certainly aren’t the darkness.


Battlefield 3 Fault Line 12 Minute Gameplay Trailer. Tons of in-game footage released.

Duke Nukem Forever Screenshots Features Duke’s Atomic Monster Truck. The King drives an atomic Monster Truck…what else would he drive?

Wii Drops $170, Wii Sports and Wii Party Get Price Cut. A new price cut possibly on the verge of the Wii 2 announcement?

Playbox Expands Into Android Market Using Nvidia Tegra. More mobile gaming news, courtesy of the people who brought you Bang, Bang Racing.

Aeria Games Launching Mobile Games Starting June, 2011. Some of your favorite MMOs appearing on handheld devices.

RAGE Anarchy Edition Offered To Pre-Order Customers. Lots of added content for those willing to pay more for the game.

Metro 2033 Sequel Named Metro 2033 Last Night? It’s a weird name but maybe it can work…right? Right?

Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Features Announced; Beta Coming In June. Additional beta details and multiplayer trailers released.

LittleBigPlanet 2 Hits Four Million Levels. Wow, that’s a heck of a lot of levels. Literally there’s gotta be something in there for everyone.


Ether Saga Odyssey Coming To North America April 27th

Fierce Laser Gaming Mouse V2 Offers More DPI And Better Precision. Enough to make your opponents in online games scream “Aim botter!”

Nyko Shot Rifle For PS3’s PS Move Is Now Available. You want your PS Move to look cool and kick butt? Well, try the Nyko Skill Shot Rifle on for size.

Xbox 360 XIM3 Mouse and Keyboard Adapter Now Available In Limited Quantities. it’s just like the Fierce Gaming Mouse…it’ll leave the competition screaming “Aim botter!” Well worth the $149.99.

Hands on Impressions For Gears of War 3 Multiplayer Beta. Find out what Pete Haas has to say about Gears of War 3’s multiplayer beta.

Why the 3DS Isn’t Selling out. It isn’t because of why you might think it’s not selling out. Anyway, Nintendo offers up a very reasonable explanation that could have helped them during the Wii’s sell-out phase.

Mortal Kombat Creator Says Online Pass Is A Necessity. Only sold with brand new copies and usable only once. This means you gotta buy the game brand new if you want to do Fatalities on some guy half-way around the world.


Last Guardian, Ico, Shadow of the Colossus Collection Delayed. What could possibly be the reason why games that have already been released are getting delayed? Click the link to find out.

First Templar Goes Gold; May 10th Release Solidified. Playing as a less-than-evil Crusader kicks into full swing this May.

Rumor: God War 4 Coming September 2012. If you thought Kratos was dead in the third game…think again.

FreeJack May Update To Include Jet Set Radio Team Graffiti Mode. That’s right, a new-school MMO will channel Sega’s old-school JSRF game modes.

PSPGo Is Dead. The fact that this is news makes it the nail in the coffin.


The Next Big Thing Review. Pendulo introduces gamers to the next big thing. Find out if it’s worth your money.

Garbage Truck Simulator Aims To Clean Up The Streets Starting May 20th.

Prototype 2 Devs Explain Why Players Have To Kill Alex Mercer. Yes, it’s time to kill the main character from the first game.

Mass Effect 3 To Have Melee Class, Swat Turn, Mechs, Faster Combat And More. A heck of a lot of information spilled out from the Game Informer cover story.

Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: User Created Mods Could be Available On Xbox 360, PS3. Yeah, everyone loves to make some custom clothes…or no clothes at all for the mods.

Dawn of Fantasy Gameplay Details and War Tactics Revealed. It’s not as simple as you might think.

PSPGo Lives In America. It’s not quite dead…not yet, anyway.

Smite Lets You Play God…for free. What sort of game is it and what do you do? You’ll have to click the link to find out.


The Witcher 2 Dev Diary Explores Character Development and Player Choices. CD Projekt opens up a number of opportunities and a wealth of diversity when it comes to player choice.

Risen 2 Dark Waters Exotic Screenshots. Pirate coves and luscious beachscapes make up for some of the environments in Risen 2.

Shadows of the Damned Receives Ghastly Screenshots. Some zombies, ghosts and horse riding demons…just the way demon hunters like it.

Kinect Sports Calorie Challenge DLC Details Revised.There’s a few minor details changed.

Two Worlds II Castle Defense Announced. Take up the sword and shield and defend the castle like no tomorrow.


EA Mobile Announces Spring Sale. Lots of great deals on EA’s mobile software line.

God Eater Burst Co-op Review. Is this PSP cooperative title as cool as it seems?

Star Control And Star Control 2 Now On Good Old Games. Classic space strategy hits GOG.

XBLA’s Most Wanted: Snatcher. Does anyone even remember this old school title? Probably not.

Crysis 2 Editor and CryEngine SDK Coming This Summer. It’s about time. Now indie devs can start pumping out some awesome CryEngine style titles.

Section 8 Prejudice Review. Find out if TimeGate’s sequel lives up to being a worthy budget-priced shooter.

Hitman Absolution The Title of Hitman 5? Well, who knows but I can’t wait to see what new adventures await our beloved Agent 47.

That wraps up this action packed edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap. You can check out the official launch trailer for The Conduit 2 below, which features all kinds of crazy guns and some intense multiplayer action. Enjoy.

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