Well this week went all kinds of sour for the Kickstarter community. They've just found out that there's a downside to kickstarting a product that becomes prime bait for giant, billion-dollar corporations who want to eat up the niche device and turn into a casual, mainstream experience. Tons of gamers feel betrayed that the Oculus Rift, the popular VR headset, will no longer be geared towards gaming. A fair bit of fear, indeed.

But with all the doom and gloom surrounding the concept of seeing ads in your VR helmet as you try to fap to the latest nude Skyrim mods, we've decided to help lighten the mood (not with fapping, of course) but with some free stuff. Over the weekend we'll be giving away PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, custom-themed Cinema Blend controllers. They're real beauts. There's also a ton of more where that comes from in this March 29th, 2014 edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap.

Video Games Make You Racist
A new studio conducted by the Ohio State University is bound to cause a bit of controversy and a lot of discussion, as the study breaks down how video games could be a culprit in the spread of racism in the global interactive entertainment community. Harsh news, but those are the breaks. There is some good news, however, as titles like Hover for the Wii U or Chainsaw Incident for PS4 are bound to lighten the mood. That's not to mention there's a rather wicked series of stunt videos for Grand Theft Auto V.

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