We’ve finished off the first week in the second month of the year, and we’re just one month out from one of gaming’s most important events of the year: the Game Developers Conference. Setting up the momentum leading up to the big event Namco and Microsoft dropped some big news bombs, including a new multiplayer open-world zombie-survival game from Undead Labs for the Xbox 360. Namco is also publishing a new Armored Core game, probably to the chagrin of Sega along with a spiritual successor to Demon’s Souls, much to the chagrin of Atlus, no doubt. Not to be left out of the loop, Electronic Arts and Dice finally let some details and a teaser trailer loose for Battlefield 3. These stories and more in this February 5th, 2011 edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap.


Abe Oddysee HD Remake On The Way. HD remakes are always a good thing…now if only we can get one of Halo: Combat Evolved.

Dead Space 2 Hardcore Mode Finish Unlocks Hand-Cannon. Possibly, the same cannon from the Resident Evil series? Click the link to find out.

KillZone 3 Behind-The-Scenes With Actors And Gun Control. Weighty gun controls are always very important and the new videos show just much they stay and what’s going.

Zombie MOFPS Karma Returns Coming Late 2011. Featuring Axis versus Allies versus…Zombies!


Nintendo Downloads: Magic Destiny 101, Dolphin Pets. A few obscure titles worth checking out on the shop channel.

El Shaddai Ascension Metatron Goes Gold; Launch Dates Coming Soon. Based on the “heretical” visions of Enoch, El Shaddai is looking to explore a rarely talked about aspect of religion.

Splinter Cell, Prince of Persia Classic Trilogies HD Coming To Blu Ray In March. We finally get to see a young Sam Fisher in HD. Now that’s original.

First Grand Theft Auto Was Almost Cancelled. Because it was a mess…it’s really that simple.

Sega Rally Online Arcade Announced for Xbox 360 and PS3. Like the classic rally racer but now with online support.

Dungeon Defenders Delayed for PC and Consoles. Click the link to find out the reasons why.


Lucent Heart Prepare for Love Valentine’s Day Beta Announced. A lovey-dovey Valentine’s Day beta…how sweet.

Namco Networks Now Fully Integrated Under Namco Bandai Games. More multiplatform games and more multiplatform mobile games is what this means.

I Am Alive Coming To PSN and Xbox Live Arcade This Year. It was cancelled as a big budget release and instead gets the digital download treatment.

Tropico 4 Scheduled for a Q2 2011 Release on Xbox 360 and PC. All the friendly dictatorship action arrives sometime during the summer.

Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky Limited Edition Announced. A few goodies for those willing to pay $10.00 for them.

Nintendo Wii Country Dance Full Track List Revealed. An achy breaky heart is all I have to say.

Madden NFL 11 Super Bowl XLV Simulation Predicts Steelers Win. Let’s see how true it turns out to be once the Super Bowl airs.


Demon Souls Successor Dark Souls Revealed. Namco taps FromSoftware for a new action RPG.

Bulletstorm Goes Gold. It’s done and finished, baby.

3rd Birthday Gets Release Date Featuring Yvonne Strahovski. Brand name actors attach themselves to the characters in the upcoming 3rd Birthday.

Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection Dated For North America. A new PSP collection featuring some Square classics.

Crysis 2 System Requirements Announced. Is your computer up to snuff?

Dragon Age 2 Demo Confirmed, Release Date Revealed. Let the countdown begin.

Michael Phelps – Push The Limits Coming June For Xbox Kinect. Swim like a pro gold medalist with this new Kinect title…or at least flail your arms around to try to get to the finish line.

Yakuza 4 PS3 Demo Coming February 15th. A little hold-me-over until the game launches next month.

KillZone 3 Multiplayer Beta Delayed, Limited Helghast Edition Sweepstakes Announced. Good news and bad news coming together in one sweet little package.

Company of Heroes Online WWE Online Cancelled. Wow, big news here…I was really looking forward to both games. Bummer.


Dragon Age 2 Demo Unlocks Weapon In Full Game. Now here’s a real incentive for playing the demo…it actually does something useful. *Gasp*

Homefront Delayed A Week. A one week delay isn’t too bad…they must have forgot to put a face-texture on a very important NPC…heh, that could have been embarrassing.

Get Free Victini Pokemon With Pokemon Black or White Purchase. This makes the game worth buying even that much more.

Castle Crashers Pink Knight Fights Breast Cancer. Hurray to the pink-clad fighter…fighting for something important.

Microsoft Announces Open World Zombie-Shooter Exclusively For Xbox 360. If trying to survive in a GTA style setting with a ton of zombies around is your idea of fun, then get ready because Undead Labs has you covered.

SkullGirls 2D-Fighting Game Coming To Xbox 360 And PS3 This Year. A sneak peek will be revealed in just a few weeks.


Dungeon Siege III Release and Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed. Do you get some extra goodies for paying ahead of everyone else? Click the link to find out.

Fallout Vegas Dead Money DLC Gets PS3, PC Release Date. It wasn’t going to be an Xbox 360 exclusive for too long. Find out when then content arrives for the PC and PS3.

Rumor: Halo Combat Evolved Remake Coming To Xbox 360 This Fall. Now this is some good news.

DiRT 3 Release Date Announced. How soon will you be able to play the game? Sooner than you might think.

Namco Announces DualPenSports For Nintendo 3DS. Using two stylus instead of one…how novel.

DC Universe Online Legend Plan Announced. Paying more actually allows you to pay less in the long run.

Ridge Racer Unbounded Announced For Xbox 360, PS3 with Debut Trailer. Ridge Racer meets Burnout in the new game.

Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 Coming This Summer For Xbox 360 And PS3. Hacking and slashing in giant robots…just what every 14 year old boy asked for.


Sims Medieval Gameplay Trailer Introduces The Kingdom. Yes, The Sims have officially gone medieval.

Section 8 Prejudice Hands-On Preview. The multiplayer-focused first-person shooter gets a little hands-on treatment from those cooperative folks over at Co-Optimus.

Microbot XBLA Review. Fans of XBLA games take on the new Microbot and lay down the law on the good and the bad.

XBLA’s Most Wanted: Mutant League Football. This is one of those games that a lot of people would love to see on the Live Arcade.

Newton: The Key To Kinect’s Hardcore Success. A worthy read on what Kinect can do to stay relevant in the eyes of the core crowd, courtesy of Stick Skills.

That wraps up this edition of Gaming Blend’s Weekly Recap. We end the week with the latest BulletStorm Skillisode Vol. 4 trailer, featuring some of the new guns and the ways in which they can rack up some major score. Enjoy.

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