These next few weeks leading up to the Electronic Entertainment Exp will be interesting, to say the least. Some major good news for those not attending E3 is that Spike TV will be airing live footage of Microsoft’s press conference concerning the future of the Xbox 360 and potential news of a new console along with the future of Kinect. On a slightly opposite note, Atari has announced that they will be selling off Cryptic but keeping close ties with the company’s investment in Star Trek Online and Champions Online. News for a possible Carmageddon 4 is also potentially on the way and a bunch of new videos for highly anticipated games is available for viewing, including a teaser for Gears of War 3. These stories and more in this May 21st, 2011 edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap.


PSN Officially Back Online, Sort Of. Sony begins restoration for some of PSN and Qriocity services.

Moon Diver Review. What’s this space-age adventure game like and is it worth purchasing? Click the link to find out.

Bangai O HD Missile Fury Co-op Review. A detailed review of the cooperative missile defense game, courtesy of Co-Optimus.

El Shaddai Ascension Of The Metatron Platforming Screenshots. It’s an odd looking game but it looks cool nonetheless.


Ruined: BigPoint Post Apocalyptic Shooter Heads Into Open Beta. A free-to-play third-person shooter that actually looks cool.

BigBen Interactive Unveils E3 2011 Line-Up. New magnetic bikes and software for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

Spike TV Airing Microsoft’s Future Of Xbox 360 E3 2011 Conference. The latest from E3 courtesy of Spike TV.

Batman Multiplayer Shooter Gotham City Imposters Announced. Yes, it’s a first-person shooter and it doesn’t sound very good at all.

God of War Portable Collection Brings Ghost of Sparta Chains of Olympus To PS3. Good news for PS3 gamers now that PSN is back up and running.

Unlock Deus Ex Human Revolution Content Through Facebook. If you spend a lot of time on Facebook then it’s a Win-Win situation for you.


Family Friendly Website Explains Why Rockstar Games Are Bad For Kids. And it’s not just because they teach them about drug, sex, guns and violence…well, maybe it is.

Risen 2 Dark Waters – Pirates and Paradise Screenshots. Arggh, my matey got ate by a big crab.

L.A. Noire Now Available For Xbox 360, PS3. The greatest noire crime drama to ever come out of a game studio is now available.

EA Wants Your Ideas For Command And Conquer. Because obviously…they ran out of their own.

Fable III hits PC. And only a year too late. Still, better to torrent late than to never torrent at all.

Mass Effect 2 Genesis Now Available On Xbox 360. The graphic comic gives some good insight and backstory details leading up to the second game.

PSN Welcome Back Package Includes Free PS3 and PSP Games. There’s nothing wrong with free games, folks.

Amnesia Justine DLC Now Available. It’s free with the new update.


Gears of War 3 Beta Played by 1.29 Million Fans. Yousers, that’s a lot of people testing a single beta. I’m assuming sales for this game will be insane.

Awesomenauts 80s Cartoon Inspired Shooter Announced For Xbox 360, PS3. Take some classic looking characters and kill other classic looking characters. Sounds simple enough, eh?

Revenge of the Titans Stomps Onto Retail Shelves June 24th. Fitting titans into a retail store is no easy task.

Karma Prisoners of the Dead CBT Starts June 7th. Prep your WWII weapons and get ready to blast some zombies back into their graves.

Atari To Sell Cryptic Studios. Wow, shocking and yet unsurprising all at the same time.


Rumor: Wet 2 Cancelled. No surprise here…but don’t be surprised if additional info emerges on this story. *wink* *wink*

No Half Life 3 At E3 2011. Well we can always hope that the “No” will be truncated in the title and the 2011 is replaced with a 2012, then maybe we can turn our frowns upside down, too.

Batman Arkham City 40 Hours Long. Golly-gee Batman that’s long.

Arma 3 Deploys For PC in 2012. One of the most realistic and intense FPS military games is turning into a trilogy come 2012.

Get Free Xbox 360 With Windows 7 PC Purchase. There’s going to be a lot of college students not getting their work done because of this promo.

Digital Reality Celebrates 20 Years With Skydrift For Xbox 360, PS3. It’s like Crimson Skies meets Mario Kart up to 8-players battling in fast-paced racing events.

HellGate Returns To North America As Free-to-Play MMO On June 3rd. Shocking? A little bit yeah, but it’s good news for fans of the series.


Syberia Series Arrives On Steam. Classic point-and-click action now available at the convenience of an e-tailer.

Bohemia Interactive E3 2011 Line-Up Revealed. Arma 3 headlines some blockbuster games from Bohemia Interactive at this year’s E3.

Carmageddon 4 Announcement Coming Soon? Could it be? A new game in the anti-safety driving series? Well, hopefully…I haven’t run over pedestrians since APB: Reloaded.

Supermacy MMA Delayed To September 23rd. A few more months of polish never hurt a game.

Call of Duty Black Ops Escalation PC Release Date; PS3 Info Coming Soon. Crawl out from under your bed-rocks CoD fanboys…more action is headed your way for PC and PS3.

Gears of War 3 Campaign Teaser Released, Full Trailer Coming Next Weekend. The full campaign trailer is sure to rock some socks.


Duke Nukem Critical Mass hits DS Next Week. The Duke will be on dual-screens before he goes to your television screens…starting next week.

Arma 3 System Requirements May Make Your PC Surrender. That’s definitely not good news for your PC but it could be good news for you.

BioWare Hiring For Dragon Age 3. Well here you go…Dragon Age 3 is now confirmed.

Co-op Adventure Ratchet and Clank All 4 One Gets Release Date. After a couple of delays and going dark in the media circuit, the game is back in the spotlight and ready for some action.

Star Raiders Review. Is this little XBLA gem worth your MS Points or worth a galactic pass? Click the link to find out what the final scores are.

That wraps up this edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap. As usual, you can check out a brand new trailer below…it features the Engineer from the upcoming NCSoft title, Guild Wars 2. Enjoy.

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