While the original didn’t really break a lot of new ground, it appears A2M has confirmed that they’re working on a WET 2. I guess it’ll be a “hold me off” title until Rockstar works out the kinks with Max Payne 3. In a disturbing twist of events, it appears the next Call of Duty may envelop the now ubiquitous “Space Marine” syndrome that’s been ever-so-present throughout this generation of gaming. And some near-end-of-the-week news from Polyphony Digital will make a lot of PlayStation 3 fans happy: Gran Turismo 5 should be ripe and ready for a holiday release. I guess it’s time for them to start counting the dollar signs. These stories and more in this November 13th, 2010 edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap.


Left 4 Dead 2 Mutation Has Magic Gnome. Just like that magical traveling Gnome? Count me in.

Review for Fable III. Does Molyneux and crew pull it off on their biggest and most ambitious project yet or is it an epic fail?

Dreamland Online Alpha Test Begins November 10th. IGG is inviting any and everyone to join.

WET 2 Official Confirmed. A2M confirms it, courtesy of Electronic Theatre.

Interview: David Sushil For Vanessa Saint Pierre Delacroix and Her Nightmare. An interview with the creator of the original and award winning indie title.


IGG and Kalydo Team up for Facebook MMORPG Releases. Full client MMOs available through Facebook with no downloads…that’s the future of casual gaming, people.

Playable Demo Now Available For The Ball. Get some roly-poly action going.

DC Universe Online Classic Showdown Screenshots. Batman versus the Joker anyone?

Nintendo Downloads: Gods Vs Humans, Discolight. Yep, your DSi can turn into a discolight…a freaking discolight.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 VIP Map Pack7 Announced. Dice is just having a field day with all the DLC.

Aeria Games Signs On To Publish Aquiris Games’ Modern Warfare MMOFPS. Aeria Games has really been on the high-end of MMO publishing…first with was Project Torque, then it was Dynasty Warriors and now it’s this.


Darksiders 2 Has New Hero. If not War….then who?!? Weights and Scales dude? Or perhaps…Pestilence???

Battlestar Galactica Online Beta Begins. They’re looking for recruits. You think you got the grit to muster up against the world’s best?

Rumor: Metal Gear Solid Rising Slated for 2012 Release. You could be wielding some ninjata swords and twirling around with breakdance moves in robotic high-heels come 2012. Well, that’s the rumor anyway.

Call of Duty Black Ops Hidden Games Cheat Guide Released. If you don’t don the skills to unlock the modes by yourself…here’s a little help.

Postal III Almost Finished. Let the new-wave of Fox-generated controversy begin. *sigh*

ZOTAC GeForce GTX 580: World’s Fastest DirectX 11 Card Unleashed. No, it’s not a car.

Who’s That Flying?! Gets Release Date. Find out what it is by clicking the link. It’s really that simple. Really.

Dying For Daylight, True Blood Game Adaptation Coming In 2011. A game based on a character based on a show based on a book. Simple, right?


Rumor: Next Call of Duty Going Futuristic. Ugh, more space marines. Move aside Master Chief, Soap and crew will be donning laser guns and plasma blades, too.

Mass Effect 2 PS3 Bonus Content Detailed. Yep, the PS3 will be receiving content not found on the Xbox 360 version.

Battle.net Dial Authenticator Announced. So some lousy hacker can’t steal your hard-earned character.

Gran Turismo 5 Up For Grabs Through Superstars V8 Racing. You have to buy a cheap game, in order to win an expensive game. Yep.

Boondock Saints Mobile Game Now Available. You can now exact Irish justice from anywhere.

Witcher 2 Dev Doc Goes In-Depth For Witcher 2 Game Engine. New lighting, new models, new towns, new story. It’s all pretty much new from here on.

Capcom Confirms MotoGP 10/11 For PS3, Xbox 360 In March 2011. Featuring content that spans the likes of two full seasons.

Fallout Vegas PC Patch 1.11 Released. A few extra updates made to the PC version of the game. Click the link to find out what they are.


Cuba Denounces Call of Duty Black Ops. The reasons won’t shock you but it’s worth a read anyway.

Madden NFL Football Announced for 3DS. Autostereoscopy at its finest.

EA Set To Publish Gatling Gears. The 2011 line-up of original IPs is starting to look a little bit clearer.

Call of Duty Black Ops Sets One Day Sales Record. Would anyone have expected anything less?

Conduit 2 Limited Edition Announced. As usual, there are special bonuses attached to the limited edition for those willing to pay out a few extra bucks for it.

Pirates Vs Ninjas Vs Zombies Vs Pandas Coming To iPhone Next Month. It’s one big violent love fest.


Gran Turismo 5 Gets Release Date. It’s officially official this time…we hope.

Assassin’s Creed Ascendance Announced. An animated look at the awesomeness of Assassin’s Creed.

EVE Online Incursion Split Into Three Parts. A three-part expansion sounds like the right combination of fun.

Alien Breed 3 Descent Launches On Steam, XBLA Next Week. That’s probably this week for some of you reading this.


Call of Duty Black Ops Upcoming Patches Detailed. Find out what Treyarch has in store for gamers with the biggest game release of the year.

Magicka Is Co-op Spell-Casting Meets Monthy Python Humor. A review of the cooperative title courtesy of Co-Optimus.

Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Launch Trailer Brings Out The Big Guns. The official launch trailer goes knee-deep in absolute coolness.

Best Buy’s Black Friday Deals Leaked. Price drops on major consoles or something better? You be the judge after hopping through the link.

Psyko 5.1 Headset Giveaway. Want some undeniably cool surround sound in a high-tech headset? Well, you could potentially win one in a contest giveaway.

Xbox Live Indie Games Need You. This isn’t just an article about why, but more importantly about what you could be missing in terms of good all-around gaming. Remember, Cliffy B. and many other top-name developers started off in the shareware indie scene under Epic Games or Apogee. So don’t fret at the word “indie” in the sentence “indie gaming”…just give it a try.

That wraps up this edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap. You can check out the Dead Space 2 Solar Array Multiplayer trailer below. Enjoy.

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