While most of the time the Weekly Recap contains the ho-hum of everyday gaming news, this week decided to be different by lounging up some neat concepts within the gaming industry: First off, reviewers were actually split on Resident Evil 6, actually doing their job for once and reviewing it without the cloud of publisher pressure looming over their shoulders. A new Star Wars game came onto the scene but not because it was announced but because someone gained access to the box art and let it slip for the whole world to see. Now Lucasarts will be one step behind the internet. And, the most shocking news of all this week is that Cliffy B, the Cliffster, Cliffiski, the man who created Gears of War, has actually left Epic Games. It doesn't get more shocking than that. These stories and more in this October 6th, 2012 edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap.

CleanIt Act Wants Internet Companies To Enforce Real Names, Photos To Combat Terrorism Plus they want a counter-terrorist browser, so you know...real terrorist can't surf the web.

Borderlands 2 Unofficial Split-Screen Support Surfaces For PC PC gamers wanting to get in some co-op action via split-screen can do so using a new guide.

Code Princess Offers Soundtrack, Artbook To 3DS Gamers If you pick up the game from select retailers you'll gain access to some special goodies.

Insomniac Says Focus Groups Thought Overstrike Was Too Cartoony Oh silly focus groups, you don't know what you're talking about. It's a good thing some companies have avoided them.

Awesomenauts Next Character Voiced By YouTube's Yogscast A YouTube star joins the ranks of characters in the MOBA game Awesomenauts.

BioWare Co-Founder Ray Muzyka Defenders Passionate Fans, Blasts Gaming Journalists Ohhh, another fail for video game journalism.

Awesome Humble Indie Bundle Poster Mixes Psychonauts, Amnesia and Bastion A cool new poster surfaces for the next Humble Indie Bundle fusing popular indie icons into one awesome pose.

PlayStation Portable Loses Digital Comics on October 30th Sony is starting to scale back on the features of the PSP, and one of those features that the handheld is losing is the digital comics.

Mass Effect Trilogy Includes DLC, Still Undated For PS3 All three games in one giant bundle with all the DLC, now that's the way to get the complete experience.

EA Sinks To New Low: Recycles FIFA 12 As FIFA 13 For Wii Oh EA, you never cease to amaze us. Keep up the great work.

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