This week was all about Watch Dogs... all about Watch Dogs. We learned some important new information about the game's story as well as the official release date. In addition to all the good bits, there was a bit of bedlam in the gaming community regarding Watch Dog's graphics.

The new form of resolution-gate hit hard and fast, as gamers began dropping comparisons between the latest trailer and the E3 2012 presentation, and things didn't turn out so great for Ubisoft. While the issue is no where near as bad as Aliens: Colonial Marines, it has caused enough of a ruckus where Ubisoft has been running around like a chicken without its head or Creflo A. Dollar after it was discovered that he was shortchanging the law in favor of his own name. Things really kicked into high gear when DSO Gaming caught wind of word from creative director Jonathan Morin who told the gaming universe that Watch Dogs hasn't been downgraded and all gamers have to do is ask a gaming journalist – who had an all-expense paid trip by Ubisoft to fly out for the hands-on preview event – for proof. Right, a paid-off Doritocrat is absolutely the most trustworthy source. Great advice Morin. Let's watch the wheels of the Doritocracy turn that damage control into smooth pavement.

These stories and more in this March 8th, 2014 edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap.

Jack Tretton Leaves Sony Computer Entertainment
That's it... it's over. Part of the deadly gang of Sony executives is calling it quits on the big 'S'. Jack Tretton, the president of Sony Computer Entertainment America is stepping down at the end of March. This comes at a bad time, as both Microsoft and Nintendo are ramping up their efforts, with the Xbox dropping Project Spark and Titanfall, as well as Nintendo prepping to get Mario Kart 8 out onto store shelves in a few months. It's a devastating blow that Sony might be able to recover with an adequate replacement, but only time will tell.

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