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Your Destiny Character Is The Star Of Latest Trailer

Bungie decided to introduce a unique new way to promote the upcoming launch of The Taken King expansion for their first-person shooter Destiny, and that's by putting the player character front and center in the newest trailer.

Yes, the character you've created is the star of the latest trailer for the game. If it sounds confusing, YouTuber LittleBigOkey walks you through the step-by-step process of getting your very own trailer and shows you what the finished results look like.

So as the video above explains, you just head on over to the official Destiny website, you insert your PSN or Xbox Live ID and it should pull up your character. You choose the appropriate class and then watch as your own personal story is unfolded right in front of you with a personalized trailer.

I have to admit, it's a neat way to promote the game in a slightly different way than what we've been used to. Usually it's a generic trailer showcasing some heroes pulling off special moves and shooting big guns, attempting to look cool. The biggest problem with generic trailers, however, is that they can't really tell a story since the main character in the game Destiny is you.

When the trailer is more personalized – like in the video above – we can see how the impact seems to be more engaging. It's your progress, and your skills that achieved you that rank. It is interesting to see how Bungie managed to put together a random collage of data about your character pulled from their database.

In the comment section of the video a lot of users were comparing their stats and posting up what nicknames they were given at the end of the video. It's probably one of the rare times where people were actually excited about Destiny and its content as opposed to aptly pointing out how boring the game can be how overpriced The Taken King seems in comparison to the other expansion packs.

Speaking of which, the latest expansion for the game is due for release tomorrow. So it should be a pretty big and exciting time for a lot of Destiny fans who really want to get in on on the action. They've been waiting all summer for the launch and now it's finally here.

Just recently Bungie launched the major 2.0 patch for the game that brought a vast number of changes to Destiny, even if you don't plan on getting The Taken King expansion. The patch enables new balance patches for the game's weapons and items, as well as introduced various tweaks to the Crucible and a few of the raids.

And even though the game's two most powerful weapons have been significantly nerfed, I expect that it won't be long until gamers find adequate replacements. You can look for the Taken King to go live tomorrow and you can bide a bit of time by checking out your own personal story over on the official website.

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