Big Brother’s Brittany Hoopes Thankfully Confirms She Wasn’t Trying To Mind Control The Houseguests During Guided Meditation

Big Brother 24’s Brittany Hoopes went into the house posing as a toy tester that works with children, but audiences at home knew her true profession as a hypnotherapist. Some fans even joked that Brittany was attempting to influence or “mind control” fellow Houseguests with guided meditation, but thankfully, we can confirm that wasn’t the case. 

CinemaBlend had the opportunity to submit questions for Brittany as she prepared to enter the jury house before the finale, and asked if she attempted to use her knowledge of hypnotherapy to her advantage. Brittany’s response made it clear she got a kick out of the idea, and revealed her true motivation behind hypnosis and guided meditation in the game: 

[laughs] Oh my gosh, you know, I wish it worked that way! It does not, let me say that. It does not work that way. Really, why I wanted to guide the guided meditations, is just that this game is incredibly mentally stressful. We work out our bodies, but we don’t really do much for our minds. After seeing the toll that it was taking on the Houseguests since Week 1 I thought, ‘You know what, this was a skill I was going to hide and not share with the Houseguests,’ but it felt like it was something that I just had to do.

Brittany decided to expose her game a little with her attempts to help the house, and tried to alleviate the stress of the game for some. Week 1 ended with people crying over Paloma Aguilar’s sudden exit, and successive weeks featured major blindsides and even Indy Santos puking after a major moment. Those are just a few of the highlights, as those following our rundown of Big Brother Season 24 or watching the live feeds with their Paramount+ subscription know there’s a lot more that happened beyond that. 

Brittany continued to talk about using hypnosis and guided meditation sessions in the house, and how it might’ve negatively impacted her game. With that said, Brittany did add that she felt it aided her in some regard, but not in any way where she could use mind control: 

It probably wasn’t great for my game, honestly. Everyone was feeling amazing mentally after the guided meditations and the hypnosis. But I knew that it was something, even if it was poor for my game, that it would make other people feel better. And I will say I think it did help me build a certain level of rapport and trust with people. I wanted people to associate the sound of my voice with safety, with trust, with feeling good mentally. And I hope that did play a role in the trust that I was able to build and the relationship I was able to build in the game.

Brittany managed to make it to the Final Four, though her fate was largely sealed when she was unable to capture another veto win. Taylor Hale, Monte Taylor, and Matt Turner all collectively agreed on a Final Three deal, and while Taylor almost tried to betray it, Monte’s veto win prevented that from happening. He cast the sole vote to send Brittany to the jury house, which might cost him a vote from her down the stretch. 

The good news for Brittany is that she won’t have to wait long once arriving in the jury house, and the Big Brother Season 24 finale is only days after her eviction. There, she and others will decide between which of the final two Houseguests is the more deserving winner. It’s also possible there could be some drama, so hopefully, Brittany is available for a post-finale guided meditation for everyone involved. 

Big Brother’s Season 24 finale airs on CBS on Sunday, September 25th at 8:00 p.m. ET. Tune in to see who is crowned the latest winner, and who will ultimately be voted America’s Favorite Player this season. 

Mick Joest
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