Love Is Blind’s Bliss Describes The ‘Surreal’ Moment She First Saw Zack After His Awkward Breakup With Irina

Bliss and Irina in Love Is Blind Season 4 Episode 6
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This past week the latest Love Is Blind season began to unfold, and one contestant, Zack, had some trouble deciding between two women: Irina and Bliss. While the 31-year-old criminal defense attorney ended up proposing to Irina, and going to Mexico with her, it became clear that this couple was not meshing. So when it was teased ahead of this week’s episodes that he decided to meet with Bliss, it was an exciting development for the Netflix series. However, what was going through Bliss’ mind during all of this? 

CinemaBlend spoke with Bliss Poureetezadi as the latest batch of Love is Blind episodes became available to viewers with a Netflix subscription. During our conversation about her experience on the dating experiment, Bliss spoke to the moment when she met Zack for the first time in the restaurant scene that opens Episode 6. In her words: 

It was crazy surreal. All the reveals happened in the pod experience and like that was the first time we were seeing each other in person. It was in public, so there was like all these other people there and it was intense and I was so, so nervous. But, the moment our eyes kind of locked and this just so cheesy and I'm like, it's just cliche and cheesy, but it's actually true. Like it was such an intense connection. Like it was so much chemistry and like just zooming in, that world faded away, like a type of movie experience. And I think you can see me smiling, but I'm kind of trying to suppress the smile.

Bliss’ recollection of meeting Zack for the first time sounds like the opposite of Irina’s experience when they first met each other in person. During the first batch of Love Is Blind Season 4 episodes, Irina immediately likened Zack to a “cartoon character,” and she asked him not to make so much eye contact with her. However, it sounds like sparks really flew between Bliss and Zack when they met, even though it was not the typical way Love Is Blind contestants typically meet. Bliss spoke to the conversation they had as well. 

He really eloquently explained what happened. And, he really earned my trust and belief in him being honest. And so, I was willing to hear him out and so I did. And, things ended up great, but it really is a story about like second chances and how we all deserve that. We've all needed a second chance. So, I was willing to give that opportunity to him.

In the latest episodes of Season 4, Bliss and Zack get a chance to explore their connection in real life, and they will get a “second chance” at pursuing the love they wanted to. When recalling the timeline between getting rejected and returning to the show, Bliss told us this: 

So I think Mexico was like, what, four or five days… It was so long ago, but it wasn't very long. Definitely not more than 10 days from when I left to when I was contacted. So pretty quickly. And you know, I was surprised to get contacted even though I feel like in my heart, like I knew that I was his person and I feel like he knew that too. I didn't expect to kind of pull back into the experiment, so it was definitely surprising.

While Zack didn’t make the right choice the first time around, it’ll be really exciting to see if he and Bliss chose to continue the experiment together and perhaps even get married after the setback with Irina. Given the way Bliss spoke about her connection with Zack, it sounds like these two could have the opportunity to actually find their person in one another – even if their journey there was not typical. 

And of course, there are four other couples we’ll continue to follow this season: Tiffany and Brett, Micah and Paul, Chelsea and Kwame and Jackie and Marshall, the latter of which had some seriously emotional moments early on their Mexico vacation. Last season, two of the Love Is Blind Season 3 couples managed to get married and remain together, so there are certainly some real love stories that come from the Netflix dating show. We’ll keep you updated as this season unfolds here on CinemaBlend. 

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