Love Is Blind Season 4: 5 Things We Know About The Netflix Reality Show

Alexa walking down the aisle in Love is Blind.
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When it comes to some of the most popular reality TV shows, what are some of the first that come to mind? I’m sure in the past, we could all think of one, whether that be '90s kids and all of their favorite MTV shows that kept popping up (like 16 & Pregnant) or maybe for modern day reality TV watchers, Keeping Up With The Kardashians is something you relate to. But for me, for a few years now, it has been Love Is Blind

The show, which has gone on for three seasons and inspired so much drama as time has gone on, from certain relationships happening after the show to participants getting called out, the series has certainly cemented itself in reality TV show history. Not only is it one of the most popular dating shows on Netflix, it’s probably one of the most popular dating reality shows overall, as it’s always trending whenever the new episodes come out. 

But now, with Season 3 finally over, we can look forward to the next part of our journey – that’s right, Love Is Blind Season 4. For some of the questions you possibly have about the upcoming fourth season, here are five quick things we know about the next installment of the series. 

Cole and Zanab dancing lessons in Love Is Blind Season 3

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Season 4 Is Confirmed – But We Don’t Know When It’ll Come Out

Confirmed in a press release from the streaming platform, Love Is Blind has already been renewed for Season 4. This was announced before Season 3 even premiered, way back in March 2022. 

However, even if we are sure that it will be back, we aren’t entirely sure when it’s going to be released. The first season came out early in 2020, and then Season 2 came out in early 2022, nearly two years after the first. 

Granted, the reasoning as to why we had to wait so long for Season 2 could also be because of the pandemic, since the first season of Love Is Blind was filming in 2018. And, because we did get Season 3 as well this year, I wouldn’t be surprised if we got Season 4 quicker than we could imagine. It’s probably not going to be on any 2022 TV premiere schedule, but maybe look to 2023.

Bartise and Nancy talking in bed in Love Is Blind Season 3

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There’s Already Going To Be A Season 5

This is more of a fun fact that you should know before Season 4, but guess what – we’re already getting a Season 5 of the show. At the time of the press release, Love Is Blind was already confirmed for both Season 4 and Season 5. 

That’s right, we’re going to be getting double the drama – or, I guess quintuple the drama? I’m not sure. 

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Like Past Seasons, The Fourth Season Is Going To Take Place In A New City 

We’re heading out to a new city, folks. In the press release featured above, it was also confirmed that Season 4 was going to be taking place in a new city in the United States. 

For those that need a bit of a reminder as to where we’ve been, the three seasons have covered Atlanta, Chicago, and Dallas so far – with Dallas being the most recent. It seems that Love Is Blind has jumped all over the country in terms of where their love stories are set, even though they all begin in the pods (which have been in California since Season 2) that have become so iconic with the series – a question we’ve always had about the show

But we still don’t know where Season 4 is going to take place. Is Love Is Blind going to end up joining our list of the best shows that take place in NYC? Or are we going to be heading to another major metropolitan area? Only time will tell – and hopefully, it’ll be just as dramatic as the last two seasons. 

sk and raven meet on love is blind

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Season 4 Has Already Been Filmed 

This might be a bit of a shocker, but Season 4 of Love Is Blind has actually already been filmed, if you can believe it. 

In an interview that co-hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey did with Women’s Health Magazine, Nick was quick to confirm that the show is only going to get more unpredictable as it goes on, revealing that they had shot multiple seasons already: 

We've filmed five seasons. Every single one has been so different from the others, so that's what makes it interesting, what makes it intriguing for us allows us to approach every single season with a fresh attitude and fresh perspective.

That also confirms that Season 5 of the show has been filmed too – I’m really wondering where the heck these shows are set. 

brennon and alexa with normal wine glasses on love is blind

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Season 4 Is Also Going To Have More Diversity, According To Nick Lachey

A big issue that a lot of fans of the series have talked about is how it feels that there really isn’t that much diversity within Love Is Blind. But, thankfully, Nick Lachey was also quick to confirm that diversity is something that they are avidly working for in the show and fans can expect to see a lot more of it in Season 4 (and other seasons beyond that): 

There is quite a bit of diversity in the casting. We certainly have no control nor does anyone else in terms of who connects with who and which of those relationships move on to the next level. Speaking as someone who's there from day one, and sees all the people that are there from day one, I do think that they've done a good job of trying to cast diversely and will continue to. You'll see that in season three and four and five.

This interview was done a few days after the first four episodes of Season 3 premiered, and fans were introduced to several interesting pairs of couples from different backgrounds and personalities, such as Alexa, who was the show’s first plus-size cast member to become engaged on camera, as well as SK, who is of Nigerian descent, so I can certainly see the show moving in directions that seem to be heading in a more diverse route. 

However, I do think the show has some way to go before it really is completely diverse. But, we’ll see how they do as time goes on. 

What are you looking forward to with Love Is Blind Season 4? Are you excited for the next group of couples? Or do you need something else a little less dramatic to watch in the meantime? I’d suggest checking out Love On The Spectrum – certainly a great Netflix dating show, and a nice change of pace while we wait for Season 4 of Love Is Blind. 

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