Shadow And Bone’s Kit Young And Jack Wolfe Explain Why Jesper And Wylan Are Attracted To Each Other: ‘Chaos Meets Chaos’

Light spoilers for Season 2 of Shadow and Bone ahead, read with caution. If you aren’t caught up with the Netflix series be sure to read up all the things to remember before streaming Season 2, which is available to stream now.

For my fellow Six of Crows fans, our dreams are finally coming true because our favorite explosives expert, Wylan has finally joined the cast of Shadow and Bone. Not only is Wylan a fan-favorite character, but his relationship with Jesper is one of the moments from the books we’ve been hoping to see. Now, we finally get to see the lovely couple on screen, and Kit Young and Jack Wolfe, who play Jesper and Wylan, respectively, are opening up about why the two beloved characters are so attracted to each other. 

There’s no question that Jesper and Wylan are total opposites. Jesper is extraverted, a big flirt and incredibly charming. Meanwhile, Wylan is introverted, quiet, and pretty awkward. However, they share an inner chaos that draws them together, as Wolfe told CinemaBlend, and they are the perfect example of opposites being attracted to one another. The newest addition to the Shadow and Bone cast then elaborated on why his character is so attracted to the sharp-shooter saying:

I mean, chaos meets chaos. Yeah, I think it's lovely that they can engage in something that's chaotic, but also quite safe. For both of them. I think they find maybe a little bit of a home in each other.

Jesper laying on top of Wylan in Shadow and Bone as they hide under a carriage.

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That’s such a sweet answer! Reading Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom you can feel this chaotically safe energy that Wolfe is referring to. While Jesper and Wylan are polar opposites, and both have chaotic tendencies – for Jesper it’s his overconfidence, and for Wylan it’s his nervous shyness – you can clearly see how they balance each other out, and are perfect partners for one another. Kit Young explained this idea a bit more, saying:

Yeah, I agree with that. I think also in a lot of ways they're opposites. Like opposing energies. I think there's that chaos, it kind of comes out in very different ways. And I think what's really great for us in the scenes that we get to play is that we're constantly doing different tactics and meeting each other in very different places. And so kind of I thought each scene that we had felt quite unique from one previously. And yeah, it's a lot of fun. I mean, also, it's the kind of the one that you've been waiting for in terms of this group dynamic, one that we haven't seen at all in the previous season. So yeah, it's been really, really exciting for both of us, and hope you guys think so too.

Young is right, watching the show you can see Wylan and Jesper, or Wesper, constantly being put in various situations that force them to get to know each other work together, and address their past. They grow together throughout Season 2, and they develop a loving relationship where they can find safety together. Between their chaotic carriage moment, and the bonding moment where Wylan plays the piano in front of Jesper for the first time, they learn about each other's strengths and weaknesses quickly, and develop a deep care and love for one another. 

Finally watching Wesper on screen was such a joy, because they are such a perfect couple in the books. It’s also clear that the actors who play them care deeply about Wylan, Jesper, and their relationship, and they know how much it means to fans, which makes their onscreen chemistry even stronger. Jack Wolfe even noted to Popternative that during his audition he had a chemistry read with Kit Young specifically because Wylan and Jesper’s chaotic relationship is so vital to the Crows’ story. 

Season 2 is full of lovely Wesper moments, that prove just how attracted Wylan and Jesper are to each other, and hearing the actors behind them talk about why the characters love each other so much makes their relationship even better to me. 

Whether you’ve been waiting years to see Wylan and Jesper on screen together, or if you are just learning about the beloved couple through the TV show, you will be able to see all the Wesper content your heart desires during Season 2 of Shadow and Bone now that it has premiered on the 2023 TV schedule and is available to stream with a Netflix subscription.  

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