Transplant's Hamza Haq Previews Bash And Bishop's 'Crossfire' Over The Malpractice Suit In The Season 2 Finale

The Season 2 finale of Transplant is nearly here, and there’s a lot of uncertainty about the future of more than one doctor at York Memorial. The malpractice suit that has been complicating Bash and Bishop’s lives for a while now is coming to a head, and it looks like one or both of them might have to lose their job, barring some miracle. Now, the doctors of this medical drama are good at pulling off nearly miraculous saves on the job, but can Bash and Bishop save themselves and each other since they did nothing wrong? Star Hamza Haq spoke with CinemaBlend about the upcoming finale and “crossfire” on the way just after his character had a “huge win.”

The penultimate episode of Season 2 (which you can rewatch streaming with a Hulu subscription) last week ended with the two colleagues at an impasse with the malpractice suit, with the sticky issue of Bash’s medical transcripts as well as Bishop’s judgment calls at the end of Season 1 potentially causing problems. So, how will they each handle the newest developments in the finale on July 16? Hamza Haq previewed what’s on the way:

I think both Bash and Bishop sort of have this proclivity to take on a lot on their own shoulders and take responsibility for their own actions and make sure that nobody else gets caught in the crossfire. And when you have two people who really want to make sure that nobody else is affected, there's a struggle there as well. I mean, it's sort of like a sociopolitical equivalent of two people fighting over the paycheck. So we see them kind of butt heads and try to make sure that everybody leaves this situation unscathed, even if they're the ones who have to take the brunt of the expense.

It’s very in-character for the two men to try to protect each other over themselves, and it’s hard to imagine everybody leaving the situation with the malpractice suit entirely “unscathed.” They both owe a lot to each other – Bishop would have died back in the series premiere if not for Bash and his burr holes, whereas Bash wouldn’t have been able to start working as a doctor again without Bishop going above and beyond. So, who will be caught in the crossfire, if anybody?

Fans will have to wait until the Season 2 finale to find out, but at least Bash did get some good news at the end of the penultimate episode after spending most of the hour taking hits, starting early on with a confrontation on the way to work. After spending weeks and weeks worrying that his friend Khaled would be deported, Khaled surprised him by turning up outside the hospital with the news that he’d be able to stay in the country. Bash got to take a little break from all of his worries to celebrate, and Hamza Haq weighed in on what getting a win meant for his character at this point:

Leading up to those episodes, there's the malpractice suit and then the power goes out and all this stuff that's happening, everything, and it was just such a lovely build up. And I think it was written in such a beautiful way that you don't see it coming. I think Episode 6, or a little bit earlier, was the last time we saw Khaled's character, and for him to just be there at the end of the day – it's this massive relief, that it's been in the back of his head for the entire season about his friend who might get deported, so to get that satisfaction or that payoff, I think it means a great deal to him. There's so few moments where Bash is appreciated or that he gets good news just by the nature of the work that he does and the circumstances that surround him, that for him to know that his friend is going to be okay is a huge, huge win.

Whether or not he’ll get any more wins before the credits roll on Season 2 remains to be seen; it seems like there has to be some collateral damage to come out of the malpractice suit, but anything can happen at this point. Transplant has already been renewed for Season 3 and is in production on the new episodes in Canada. Although there’s no news of if or when those episodes will air on NBC in the U.S., the story is definitely going to continue.

Don’t miss the Season 2 finale of Transplant on Saturday, July 16 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. Called “Free For What,” the episode description reveals that fans will also see Mags making a big decision about her future, while June does the same in the wake of her dad’s death with plenty of responsibilities already on her shoulders. Theo has a big opportunity, which could be exactly what he needs after all of his personal struggles in the second season.

For some viewing options once Transplant has wrapped on NBC for the season, be sure to check out our 2022 TV premiere schedule, and/or check out Season 2 streaming on Hulu or with a Peacock subscription.

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