Transplant: Watch Bash's Confrontation With An Unruly Passenger Lead To Disaster In New Episode Clip

The second season of Transplant is quickly approaching its finale, with the medical drama’s story going strong after the long break and move to Saturdays on NBC. The next episode, called “Saviours,” will give Bash even more problems to deal with on top of the malpractice case. In an exclusive clip from the episode that airs on July 9 (seen above), Bash’s confrontation with an unruly passenger ends in disaster. Take a look! 

Apparently, Bash doesn’t have to wait until he gets to York Memorial to run into a medical emergency this week! He seemed to pick up some bad vibes from the unruly passenger as soon as he started speaking, and those suspicions were confirmed when he started harassing others while trying to get off the bus. The good doctor had enough after the man shoved a woman and shouted at her to “dress like a normal person.” 

Luckily, the physical confrontation didn’t get any further than the man shoving Bash after Bash stated that they were “going to have a problem” if he didn’t calm down, when somebody started filming with a cell phone. Unfortunately for the man, forcing his way out of the bus resulted in jumping into traffic and being hit by a car, leading to disaster and Bash having to go from frustrated bus passenger to trauma doctor in an instant. 

Assuming that the man survives and makes it to York Memorial, Bash may have his hands full. The NBC episode description for “Saviours” indicates that he’s in for a pretty eventful day at work, both with his patient and the malpractice case with Dr. Bishop. And he’s not the only one! Check out the description of what’s on the way: 

Bash and Dr. Bishop receive news about their malpractice case. Bash deals with a volatile patient and his estranged son. Mags confronts Novak about their work dynamic. Theo helps a young lupus patient realize her dreams. June’s father has kept a secret.

Assuming that the “volatile patient” refers to the man who jumped into traffic to get out of the bus, the situation isn’t going to be resolved right away. Everybody else seems to have a lot on their plates as well. In fact, the final episodes of Season 2 seem to be establishing that the doctors had no idea how much more stressful their lives could get back in the beginning, ranging from Novak’s presence to June being promoted to chief resident and dealing with administrative challenges

Who knew how things could change by the end of the season? All things considered, Transplant seems to be building up the momentum as the conclusion of Season 2 approaches. “Saviours” airs as the next episode of the medical drama on Saturday, July 9 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. 

Be sure to tune in, and catch any Season 2 episodes you might have missed streaming with a Peacock subscription ahead of the finale on July 16! For some more viewing options between new episodes of Transplant, take a look at our 2022 TV premiere schedule for what’s available now and in the not-too-distant future.

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