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With Val Chmerkovskiy Possibly Leaving Dancing With The Stars, Wife And Pro Jenna Johnson Shares Her Own Future Plans

Professional dancer Val Chmerkovskiy is a staple of Dancing with the Stars, but recently indicated those days could be over, as the two-time winner shared that he’s “probably” done with the franchise following his unexpected and shocking elimination alongside Season 30 competitor Olivia Jade. But what might the star's future plans mean for his wife and fellow Dancing with the Stars pro Jenna Johnson? 

CinemaBlend spoke with Jenna Johnson days after she officially made the semifinals with her Season 30 dance partner (and YouTube queen) JoJo Siwa. I mentioned her husband Val Chmerkovskiy’s recent comments about leaving, and then asked if that had any bearing on her own Dancing with the Stars future. In her words:

I have no plans to not be on this show. I hope I have many more seasons, because it really is a dream come true to be able to create every week, to dance, to meet new people. So I hope that as long as my body will allow me, I can continue to dance on the show.

Val Chmerkovskiy may or may not be on his way out the Dancing with the Stars door, but fans can take comfort in knowing that doesn’t mean Jenna Johnson has plans to ship out as well. As she put it to CinemaBlend, she’s hoping to stay with the show for as long as she's physically capable. And hopefully she can win another season long before that time ever arrives. 

Jenna Johnson definitely seems to be in a good spot to win Dancing with the Stars Season 30 alongside partner JoJo Siwa, but this season's fan voting has thrown their odds of winning into question. Johnson and Siwa found themselves in the Bottom Two recently, despite previously maintaining the highest scores all season. And as mentioned earlier, her husband Val Chmerkovskiy and Olivia Jade were immediatley booted during the double eliminations on Janet Jackson Night, despite earning a score that wasn't in the bottom two.  

I asked Jenna Johnson Chmerkovskiy about keeping spirits high in weeks where the scores don’t match the votes, and after describing the experience as an emotional rollercoaster, she talked about how Val Chmerkovskiy and Olivia Jade's elimination inspired her and JoJo Siwa to take nothing for granted going forward, saying:

Val and I actually spoke about this week after he got eliminated because I just did not see it coming. I was so confused the previous week. They had the best scores of the night. They ended up on top of the leaderboard, and I just think it really comes down to, you can never get comfortable. It really does–fifty percent of it relies on the fan vote. And so that's why, for these next two weeks, JoJo and I are really trying to rally and get people voting. Because, even by getting high scores, you know, like you said, we ended up in the bottom. That was one of the worst feelings.

JoJo Siwa and Jenna Johnson are on their toes and aiming to win fans over, which may make them all the more formidable in the final weeks of Dancing with the Stars. I’d argue it’s still their competition to win, though surprise entrants in the semifinals once again proved that audience voting this season is especially finicky. Will Johnson get another win, or could this be yet another stunning upset for her down the stretch? Either way it goes, at least we can be fairly sure it won't be her final season.

Dancing with the Stars airs on ABC on Mondays at 8:00 p.m. ET. As we near the final stretch, be sure to stick with CinemaBlend for more thoughts on Season 30 and all the drama that could still unfold before the season’s end. 

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