After A Star Is Born Rumors, Lady Gaga Reveals Continued Collaboration With Bradley Cooper

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper in A Star is Born
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The romance rumors surrounding Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper have continued to swirl three years after A Star is Born hit theaters. Every year, a new rumor pops up about the former co-stars. But they haven’t let the speculation taint their friendship, according to Gaga. Despite not costarring together since the Oscar-nominated film, the House of Gucci star has continued to collaborate with the Nightmare Alley actor.

Of course, the on-screen duo’s chemistry and dynamic were so palpable audiences believed their relationship was real. Unfortunately, the fantasy hasn’t panned for them. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper have continued to be part of each other’s lives, but unlike their A Star is Born characters, their relationship has transformed into a mentorship. The American Horror Story actress spoke to Entertainment Weekly on how her A Star is Born co-star helped her to navigate her budding acting career:

Bradley Cooper really believed in me for the role of Ally Maine in A Star Is Born... It was the success of our artistic collaboration that landed me where I am now. [...] Absolutely... I've confided in Bradley for years, and I've always appreciated his support and his advice, his thoughts on my future endeavors.

Given the guidance Bradley Cooper gave her while making A Star is Born, the pop star would continue to seek his advice regarding her acting career. The Guardians of the Galaxy veteran became a friendly ear as Lady Gaga continues to grow and challenge herself as an actress. After working in Hollywood for two decades, Cooper may have plenty of anecdotes for the multi-hyphenate to learn from.

Having a mentor in Hollywood seemed to serve Lady Gaga well as evident by her performance in House of Gucci. His advice led to the pop icon scoring Golden Globe and Critics' Choice Award nominations. If things work out, she might make her third trip to the Oscars when the next nominations are announced.

While the former co-stars have maintained a great friendship and continue to praise one another following A Star is Born's release, they still can’t escape those pesky romance rumors. Bradley Cooper finally addressed the rumors by stating the duo’s Oscar performance was a way to calm his anxiety. Gaga called out the media for taking their character’s love story and applying it to their friendship. So the Sin City: A Dame to Kill For star and the Hangover alum have continued their platonic dynamic without any concern about the rumors.

Luckily, the speculation didn’t lead to them stopping their friendship. Keeping their mentor-mentee relationship alive may lead to another onscreen collaboration someday. Of course, both stars have been busy with their respective careers. Audiences can see them on the big screen, separately, currently with Bradley Cooper in Nightmare Alley and Lady Gaga in House of Gucci.

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