After Aquaman 2 Wraps, James Wan Starts Work On Another Sequel

The Nun in The Nun
(Image credit: Warner Bros.)

Aquaman director James Wan isn’t missing a beat. He recently wrapped on Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom and he is steadily moving on to start filming another sequel: The Nun 2. Wan has been vital in The Conjuring franchise and the spinoff stories that have resulted in its success, and horror fans are pretty stoked to see the announcement of The Nun 2 starting production.

Is it weird to think of a DC director heading to the horror genre? Maybe. However, it’s kind of the other way around for James Wan. He’s had a huge hand in more iconic horror franchises than just The Conjuring, like Saw and Insidious. Wan is, at his core, one of the names behind some of the scariest mainstream horror of this generation. 

Evidence of that can be seen on his Instagram, which is basically just a huge homage to his horror works, with some cute dogs and Aquaman content sprinkled in. His latest post announces the beginning of production for The Nun 2, and it’s pretty much a jump scare. Check it out at your own risk:

James Wan looks right at home next to the horrifying nun from The Conjuring universe, standing very unaffected as she shows her razor sharp demon teeth a little too close to the face for comfort. Even though it’s just actress Bonnie Aarons under a ton of makeup, I don’t think I’d be as comfortable standing that close. It’s a little too realistic for my taste, which might be one thing that makes The Conjuring and all its branches so terrifying. 

Sadly, James Wan isn’t showing us any sneak peeks of The Nun 2 and the photos are actually throwback, behind the scenes pictures from The Conjuring 2. This is probably because there’s nothing to peek at just yet, but the promise of more to come is enough to get fans pumped up.

Fans of the writer/director are in the comment section of the post singing his praises. One commenter describes James Wan as underrated and a “generational horror master”. Another speculates the plot, hoping it will include Ed and Lorraine Warren, but says he is excited about the sequel no matter the plot.

Like last year’s The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, The Nun 2 will be directed by Michael Chaves. James Wan will act as producer for the film.

We have quite the wait for a sequel to The Nun seeing as it is just getting started, and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is a little ways off as well. Even with the pushed back release date of March 17th, 2023, James Wan still is filling our life with a little cinematic love this year. You’ll find his production of Salem’s Lot on our list of Upcoming Films in 2022, and it’s a good thing because Wan’s updates have me itching for a good upcoming horror flick.

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