After His Friendship With Kevin Hart Was Declared A Conspiracy, The Rock Had A Classic Response

If you’re a fan of Dwayne Johnson or Kevin Hart then you pretty much have to be a fan of Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart. The duo has made five movies together in the last six years. You can’t really watch the movies of one without seeing the other and you certainly can’t see one of them in interviews without the other sitting right there. They pair clearly are really good friends and love working together. Except…what if they secretly hate each other?

That was the surmise put forth in a recent edition of the Ross Bolen Podcast where it was suggested that while The Rock and Kevin Hart may have gotten along once, the way the pair insults each other in interviews, maybe they actually no longer like each other, and only make movies together because they know they’ll be successful. This theory was addressed directly by The Rock himself, who answered it, of course, by insulting Kevin Hart.

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It’s an interesting conspiracy theory. That Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart actually don’t like each other, but pretend to because it’s good for business. However, the pretending only goes so far and so the insults between the two come out and show brief glimpses of their real feelings. It’s not actually clear how much the podcast that presented the idea actually believes it, but The Rock clearly thinks it’s hilarious.

While not all friendships involve friends insulting each other endlessly, we all know that many of them do and Johnson and Hart have one of those friendships. Poking fun at your friends is something you can do because you’re friends and you know they won’t take it personally. It’s a lot like the Hugh Jackman/Ryan Reynolds “feud” which, of course, is really about two dear friends but presents itself as two people who have had enough of each other.

It’s clear that Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson actually do really like each other, and also do tend to have success at the box office. It’s almost a certainty that we’ll see them together again in something. It's a win-win since studios will want to cast them together because they are successful and the two of them will certainly want to keep working together if only to be able to continue to do interviews together and talk about how much the other one sucks. 

A fourth Jumanji movie is still on the table considering the success of the first two. The more recent DC League of Super-Pets was the number one movie in the country last weekend, and if it does well enough a sequel to that is also a strong possibility. And we’re also supposed to get a Hobbs & Shaw sequel at some point, and seeing Kevin Hart return there seems likely assuming the movie does happen.

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