After Working On His Dad Bod, Will Smith Shares His New Workout Routine And Dang

Will Smith is no longer playing around. Back in May Will Smith revealed to the world that he, like a lot of us, and sort of let himself go during the global pandemic. He’d gone full “dad bod” and was not looking like his action hero self that we all tend to see. He actually called it the worst shape of his life. But in revealing that look, it was actually the beginning of his process to change it, and man, is he working hard. And you can see for yourself thanks to a new video.

Yesterday, Will Smith dropped a video on Instagram showing what his normal Sunday is now like. He used to eat muffins. Now, he’s hitting the gym, and he’s not exactly spending 15 minutes on a treadmill. Will Smith is doing some serious work and is, at 53-years-old, getting into the best shape of his life.  

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This is a serious workout to say the least. And simply by looking at Will Smith you can tell that it’s working. Whether or not Smith is currently in the best shape of his life or not, he’s certainly on the way there. And this is by far not the first video he’s released showing that he’s working out,  so he’s sticking with it. Those of us that don’t go to the gym as often as we should know how important that is. 

Acting is one of the strangest jobs to be tough on your body, but it really is. Playing a part requires an actor to look the part, and that means being in a certain shape. We’re used to seeing actors making superhero movies get in really good physical shape, but the opposite is sometimes needed as well. Sometimes you need to look a little out of shape to play a specific character.

Will Smith has played roles where he’s needed to look like a million bucks but he’s also had those roles where looking that way wouldn’t fit the character. He’s probably used to having to work like this to get in great shape after those films where he needed to look some other way, but still, staying motivated can be tough. 

Will Smith has a couple of likely upcoming projects where being in the best shape of his life will certainly be useful. We’re expecting a sequel to Bright and another Bad Boys movie to happen at some point here. He’ll certainly need to be in good shape for those movies. Perhaps that is what is providing the motivation he needs to stick with it.

Maybe Will Smith’s battle to get in the best shape of his life will inspire others as well. Of course, it helps to have the time and money to dedicate to such things, and not all of us do, but it probably makes us wish we could. 

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