Amid JLo And Ben Affleck's Wedding Weekend, Kevin Smith Drops Funny Post About Dressing Up For The Ceremony

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Technically, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have been married since July 16 when the two jetted off to Las Vegas for a surprising elopement. Nevertheless, the couple still reportedly wanted to do things proper and big – with all their kids and everyone they know – hence why there had been ongoing plans for a real wedding extravaganza this weekend. Many famous faces were seen in attendance, including Affleck and JLo’s former Jersey Girl director, Kevin Smith, who dropped a funny post about dressing up for the ceremony.

The second wedding took place August 20 at one of the Batman actor’s estates in Georgia. The bride and groom pretty much bucked tradition, as they are prone to do, with the dress code for guests being all white, per sources for Entertainment Tonight. That’s not exactly Kevin Smith’s usual attire, though. (Fans will often see the 52-year-old in bright hoodies and hockey jerseys.) But he towed the line for his old friends’ big day. See here:

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And yet, he kept his signature backwards hat, I see… It would appear a leopard can’t change its spots entirely. Still, the filmmaker showed up and showed out for the newlyweds. The writer/director famously was all for the Jersey Girl stars reigniting their romance last year, and even made claims about creating their celeb nickname of “Bennifer” back during the pre-production days of the 2004 comedy. The feeling is apparently mutual, too, as both Ben Affleck and Matt Damon have credited the fanboy solely for the success of their Oscar-winning film, Good Will Hunting.

Not to mention, the director’s working relationship with Ben Affleck continues to the day as well. In fact, Affleck’s last role to close out 2022 will be in a cameo capacity as "Gawking Guy" in Clerks III. (A BTS set photo from Kevin Smith demonstrates that everyone reprising their iconic roles has not-so-surprisingly aged – save for Rosario Dawson.) The film in fact comes nearly 16 years after the first sequel premiered, which also happens to be nearly as long in the making as Bennifer 2.0.

Per Fox News, several other A-listers were in Georgia this weekend to show some support. Namely, Ben Affleck’s longtime collaborator Matt Damon and his wife were spotted among the attendees. However, the groom’s brother Casey Affleck missed the celebrations entirely, with the Manchester by the Sea star oddly claiming to paparazzi that he had “fell asleep” as the reason why he wasn’t there. Though other sources say he missed the festivities due to "family, parental obligations at home."

Aside from that though, many have been vocal in their criticisms about the future longevity of Bennifer’s marriage. Most notably, JLo’s first husband spoke out, saying that he didn’t think it would last at all because the actress, in his view, only loves being in love, and is not necessarily committed. And Real Housewives alum Bethenny Frankel had some equally blunt thoughts about the relationship not being good for the Argo star's widely documented struggles with his sobriety.

You know what they say, though, opinions are like asses because… well, you get the idea. We know as much from Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez themselves that they are content at this stage of life with their decisions. It also doesn’t hurt that their families, a.k.a. their five kids total from previous relationships, are reportedly all getting along just swimmingly, becoming one big blended Bennifer family. Also, Bennifer are also on the same page about their forever home.

So here’s to the happy couple! May we all be so lucky as to have Kevin Smith spruce up his look for our big occasions. To find out the dates for Clerks III and the other wide releases still to come, check out the 2022 movie schedule!

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